Back after 3 years – Caribbean Bay’s Mega Wave Festival

This cool summer, many people are doing a lot of enjoyable activities for the first time in 3 years. All around the world there is news of one water amusement park after another reopening its doors to the public. Similarly, Caribbean Bay is full steam ahead and is holding its summer festival for the first time since 2019. This outdoor fiesta will involve flyboard shows, busking, barbecue, poolside DJs, and an unleashed kraken.

Attractions re-open

Caribbean Bay, Korea’s largest indoor and outdoor water park, has been reopening its outdoor attractions in stages, and is now fully operational. With most of its thrill rides currently running, including Megastorm, Tower Boomerang Go, and Aqua Loop, and the water bobsleigh also scheduled to kick off on June 25, Caribbean Bay is ready for the summer.

Additionally, its 53-day-long summer Mega Wave Festival, last held three years ago, will run from June 24 to August 15.

The kraken awaits

This year’s Mega Wave Festival has, like the movies Pirates of the Caribbean and Clash of the Titans, released the kraken. The kraken is a mythical creature with many tentacles, said to inhabit the deepest, scariest parts of the ocean. At Caribbean Bay, the 25-meter-long kraken sits on a special stage at the outdoor wave pool, clutching a pirate ship in its many-armed grip.

Also at the wave pool, famous DJs such as DJ Koo and JUNCOCO will appear on designated dates as special guests every evening from July 8 to August 14 to play EDM and hip-hop.

Blow away the summer heat with flyboards

Also in the outdoor wave pool, world champion fly boarder Park Jin-min and others will give flyboard shows. A flyboard is almost like a wheelless skateboard connected to a jet ski by a hose. The engine of the jet ski forces water at high pressure through the hose, making the flyboard and its rider fly through the sky. While it looks easy and graceful, only experienced fly boarders can seemingly dance in the air and dive into the water and back up again. This is the heart of a flyboard show, all set to exciting music.

More to watch and enjoy

As part of the Mega Wave Festival, there will be outdoor circus performers and buskers giving performances to delight the crowds. And Caribbean Bay is also holding a Mega Barbecue & Beer Festival from mid-July, offering barbecued meats and refrigerated beer.

A festival wouldn’t be a true festival without photo spots, and Caribbean Bay’s Mega Wave Festival will have several of those. The outdoor wave pool, with its ship-gripping kraken, is a central point. Around it there will be colorful beach chairs and parasols, as well as palm trees and surfboards to give a beach resort feel.

For something a bit more peaceful, the outdoor part of the lazy river is lined for 150 meters by hydrangea, a popular summer flower. Visitors can drift by the hydrangeas on one of the flotation tubes.

Details of the mega DJ pool party and the artist’s schedule can be found on the Everland website

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