Mar Caribe shows its new autumnal face

Spring 2022 saw the opening of Caribbean Bay’s new Mar Caribe Bayside Café. Now that fall is here and the weather is changing, it is time for this mini resort named after the Spanish for “Caribbean Sea” to show its new face. Mar Caribe has undergone both a makeover and an expansion and, as of September 28, has reopened as Mar Caribe The Bayside Café, or Mar Caribe 2.0, ready to welcome visitors during the autumn months.

Bigger, better, and more festive

From its initial opening and all through the summer season, Mar Caribe’s popularity grew by word of mouth, drawing visitors to Caribbean Bay almost back to pre-pandemic levels.

The newly reopened Mar Caribe 2.0 gives people a chance to experience the look and feel of a foreign bayside resort without leaving Korea, with its expanded rest and relaxation areas and premium services. While the original Mar Caribe was centered around the outdoor wave pool, the new Mar Caribe The Bayside Café has extended the area visitors can use by almost a third.

The theme has been transformed, too, from a tropical holiday to a Mexican autumn festival. To the existing 10-meter-diameter sculpture of the full moon that lights up at night, hammocks, beachside bars, and a pirate ship, there has been added colorful pumpkin decorations, floral garlands, and marigolds, giving the place a fall feeling.

The Harbor Master and Adventure pool areas have been turned into a Mexican festival village and public square, respectively, and are expected to draw eager photographers with their vibrant autumn decorations, vivid colors, and bright patterns.

Come for the food and stay for the shows

Mar Caribe 2.0 is not just about the wider space and seasonal decorations. There are also food and drink to enjoy and shows to entertain.

The number of restaurants and snack vendors has doubled from the springtime, and more than 120 dishes and tasty treats are on offer, including the signature giant barbecue platter La Costa, with its pork ribs, juicy sausages and chicken.

The beachside bar located at the Wave Pool has dozens of cocktails, beers, and other beverages on offer, and the Harbor Master has special Mexican dishes such as Habanero pasta and chipotle beef. Nonalcoholic craft beer specially brewed for Mar Caribe is also served for those who prefer their drinks dry. To keep visitors mouths happy between meals, coffee, ice cream, churros and pretzels are available, too.

But what is good food and drink without a show? Mar Caribe 2.0 adds romance to the seaside beach atmosphere, with buskers and performers such as unicyclists, jugglers, and crystal ball around the Wave Pool and Adventure Pool areas every day to entertain onlookers young and old. When the sun goes down, the cool autumn evenings will be warmed by the glow of a 50,000 ANSI lumen ultra-high-definition projector showing images and videos on a giant screen.

To aid relaxation, there are 260 seats available for rent in shaded areas, including bean bags, sofas and deck chairs, where people can relax and gaze upon the Wave Pool.

Facilities for rest and relaxation such as benches and chairs are located throughout Mar Caribe, as well as spaces to heal the mind such as wave pools, photo zones, and performance areas. Anyone can enter free of charge, but some seats can be booked in advance and rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Mar Caribe 2.0 opens from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily and is conveniently located beside the Caribbean Bay and Everland theme parks. It is scheduled to operate until mid-November, although exact operating hours may vary depending on weather conditions. More details can be found on Everland’s website.

Throughout the cooler months, Caribbean Bay still operates indoor and outdoor water play facilities such as the Aquatic Center, Lazy River, and spa, for which a separate entry ticket must be purchased.

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