Come take a bath in a forest on Sky Garden Trail

Are you familiar with the concept of “forest bathing”? Popular throughout East Asia, it was recently defined in the New York Times Magazine as “the notion that walking through trees cleanses your soul.” At Everland each spring, the reopening of Everland’s Sky Garden Trail provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to Korea’s premier theme park to walk through beautiful, budding trees of many varieties to cleanse their souls, get back to nature, and feel better about life. This year, Sky Garden Trail has opened from March 22.
Stunning the eyes with their pretty profusion of pink, the plum blossoms are blooming again in Everland this spring.

The trail where the sky meets a garden

Created on a giant 3.3-hectare site behind Everland’s popular Columbus Adventure attraction, Sky Garden Trail has around 700 plum trees of 11 different types. This, as well as countless other blossoming flowers and budding trees make Sky Garden Trail the ideal place for a springtime hike and forest bath.

Unlike most plum blossoms in South Korea, concentrated in the southern parts of the country, those at Everland blossom relatively late. In fact, the park’s resident botanists predict that only 30 percent of the plum trees will be in bloom in late March, with that number increasing to 80 percent by April 7.

Aside from plums, there are also cherry blossoms and countless spring flowers to admire.

Enjoy the view from up high

Sky Garden Trail stretches for about a kilometer around and up the mountain, so visitors who walk all the way up to the top can gaze down from above upon a full unobstructed view of the whole theme park. From this vantage point, not only can viewers enjoy the sight of all Everland’s rides and attractions, they can also take in multitude of spring flowers including plum blossoms, tulips, and cherry blossoms.
Sky Garden Trail winds its way up the mountain, where it offers stunning views of Everland.
More than 10,000 cherry blossom trees throughout the park are expected to start blooming in early April this year, creating a veritable carpet of tiny pale pink petals.
Experience the healing power of nature by taking a “forest bath” along Sky Garden Trail.

From mid-April, about 30 specially grown miniaturized trees, including pine, camellia, and cherry, will be shown in a special exhibition in the garden at the entrance of Sky Garden Trail. Throughout spring, Everland theme park will welcome many visitors eager to experience the healing power of nature and cleanse their souls by taking a floral forest bath while walking along Sky Garden Trail. For more information about Everland’s opening hours and other details, visit the park’s official website.

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