Traders transitioning from ‘20 to ‘21

2020 was a challenging year for people across the world in a multitude of sectors. For traders, it was also understandably not easy because of the profound disruption to global trade.

Members of Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group felt the impact just like everyone else, as they had to work extra hard to generate business while finding new ways to communicate with partners abroad due to travel limitations. So, how did they do it and do they feel optimistic about the coming months in 2021?

Reflecting on the difficulties of 2020

One of the key challenges for traders in 2020 was the limitation on overseas travel. In normal times, traders often go on business trips abroad to meet partners in person and communicate effectively. However, 2020 created many obstacles in this regard, so adapting to such unprecedented circumstances was difficult.

During the later months of 2020, sales did start to recover in some markets despite the gloom of the first half. But the global slowdown and supply shortages created new challenges.

Of course, traders are like people in any other line of work in that they also make personal plans. But many of those plans made for 2020 had to be postponed indefinitely.

Finding silver linings in the storm clouds of 2020

One of the most important benefits of passing through 2020 was the opportunity that it gave traders to reflect on their sales styles and strengths. Many Samsung C&T members felt that if they could get through last year, then they were geared up for future challenges as well.

2020 also forced some innovations and new ways of doing business that are likely to remain in many organizations.

It might be easy to forget that some employees were just beginning their careers during the last year. For them, it must have felt like a baptism by fire. But then again, they were also going through a process of discovery.

Making resolutions for 2021

Entering a new year does not automatically mean that 2021 will be easy. Many aspects of doing business have changed and they require great sensitivity to the new environment. Traders are preparing for this new future, hoping to go back out in the field again.

Indeed, Samsung C&T members are holding the belief that 2021 can be a time of growth. They are driven by the bigger picture, closely examining various new business openings.

Evidently, 2020 will be remembered for a long time. Despite the tough memories, however, there were lessons that will continue to bear fruit as well. And it is clear that whatever 2021 throws at them, these traders are willing to stand up to its challenges and embrace its opportunities.

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