ESG & Sustainability

ESG & Sustainability

Samsung C&T announces new leadership

Samsung C&T on Dec. 7 announced regular presidential appointments for 2023, as it promoted two new leaders. Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Business Support T/F Jeong HaiLin has been promoted as President and CEO of Samsung C&T Resort Group and concurrently as CEO of Samsung Welstory, while Kang Byung-il, Executive

Samsung C&T seeks 2050 Net Zero

Plan to achieve 2050 Net Zero – Achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030 and net zero carbon emissions by 2050 ⦁ Implement solar repowering to Samsung C&T’s solar power plant in Gimcheon to increase efficiency (up to twofold increase in power generation) ⦁ Obtain overseas renewable energy certificates and domestic

Samsung C&T Q3 2022 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 11.256T, up KRW 2.953T (35.6%↑) from KRW 8.303T in Q3 2021 Operating Profit: KRW 797B, up KRW 656B (465.2%↑) from KRW 141B in Q3 2021 In Q3, revenue and operating profit both rose year-over-year (yoy) on the back of balanced growth among the business groups and

Samsung C&T Q2 2022 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 10.819T, up KRW 2.271T (26.6%↑) from KRW 8.548T in Q2 2021 Operating Profit: KRW 556B, up KRW 131B (30.8%↑) from KRW 425B in Q2 2021 Despite the adverse business environment, Samsung C&T’s overall revenue and operating profit in Q2 grew as the company’s efforts to improve

Samsung C&T Q1 2022 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 10.44T, up KRW 2.6T (33.2%↑) from KRW 7.84T in Q1 2021 Operating Profit: KRW 542B, up KRW 239B (78.9%↑) from KRW 303B in Q1 2021 In Q1, both revenue and operating profit improved as Samsung C&T’s efforts to improve its business fundamentals and competitiveness came to

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