Top bottoms: Spring/summer 2023 trends in pants, jeans, skirts

With spring arriving soon and summer just beyond that, fashion-forward women and men are already mulling over what tops to wear, but it is equally important to find a bottom that looks and feels good. This article takes a look at what’s hot in clothing below the waistline in spring/summer

Opening an aperture to the appearance of culture

As every photographer knows, an aperture is the small opening through which light enters a camera to create a lasting image. But now the word has a new meaning: an opening through which culture enters and appears to us. “The Aperture,” made by putting together elements of “appear” and “culture,”

Turn up the volume: Bigger is back in fashion

It is time once again to celebrate size – or, to be more correct, oversize. In 2023, the “big and boxy” look is back in style. Formal or informal, whether it is wide jeans or cargo pants paired with a sloppy joe sweatshirt, or big-shouldered business suits that remind one

Focus on fabric: Cashmere in winter

Dressing in winter is all about layering: one removes a layer when going into a climate controlled area and puts it back on before stepping outside. Cashmere is one of the best layers to wear because although it is warm – between five and eight times warmer than merino wool,

Looking for fashion gifts? SSF Shop has you covered

What shall I buy for my friends, family, and colleagues for an end-of-year gift? This is the perennial problem that pops up each December. An envelope stuffed with cash or a store voucher hints at a lack of originality or thought, pushing us to think and look a little harder.

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