The next hot thing in winter: Outdoor bathing at a water park

Few things are more relaxing on a winter’s day than a nice warm bath. A warm bath outdoors in the cold fresh air is a real treat, too. Everland’s Caribbean Bay water park now has an open-air spa that offers cold and tired souls a healing place to wallow in

Butterflies and a big bunny welcome the Year of the Rabbit at Everland

Few animals arouse a sense of peace and wonder in humans as much as bunny rabbits and butterflies. The cuteness of a hopping, sniffing, nibbling rabbit and the beauty and gracefulness of a hovering butterfly have almost magical effects on the viewer, especially young children. To celebrate 2023 as the

Bust the winter blues with Everland’s Snow Buster

It is that wintry time of year again for snowfalls, snowmen, and Everland’s Snow Buster. Korea’s premier snow sledding slope is opening in stages from Dec. 10 to provide thrills and spills to people young and old who want to race downhill for fun. Apart from the Snow Buster, Everland

A world of 2023 snowmen at Everland

Each season, Everland shows the world a new face. Korea’s premiere theme park is transformed every few months to delight visitors young and old with a new theme that suits the time of year. Can you count all 2,023 snowmen (and snow women and snow bunnies)? From Dec. 1, 2022

Fall in love with Everland in autumn

Autumn in Korea is always bursting with natural beauty. The skies seem bluer and higher than the rest of the year, and the sight of red, orange, and yellow leaves as they rain down from the trees seem like something from a gallery of impressionist art. The autumn landscape at

A smarter way to play golf

Autumn with its blue skies, cool breezes, green grass, and brightly colored leaves is a great time to play a round of golf. The popularity of this outdoor sport is enjoying a resurgence in the aftermath of the pandemic, as people are keen to engage in physical activity in small

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