Blow away the summer heat with the Everland Water Fun Festival!

Each Korean summer brings with it plenty of heat and humidity. Families eagerly seek weekend and vacation activities that are both fun and cool enough to beat the heat. Last month we reported on Caribbean Bay’s Mega Wave Festival, so this month it is time to see what neighboring Everland

Everland metaverse takes off, thrilling virtual visitors!

As reported here recently, Korea’s top theme park Everland has decided to expand into the metaverse. The grand opening on the Roblox platform was on June 17, allowing virtual visitors to experience Everland’s major rides and attractions. What’s the metaverse? What is the metaverse and what is Roblox? US-based Technological

Back after 3 years – Caribbean Bay’s Mega Wave Festival

This cool summer, many people are doing a lot of enjoyable activities for the first time in 3 years. All around the world there is news of one water amusement park after another reopening its doors to the public. Similarly, Caribbean Bay is full steam ahead and is holding its

Feel the safari atmosphere at the golf course next to Everland

Golf is growing in popularity, partly because people are realizing the benefits to overall health and well-being of this outdoor low-impact sport, and also because it was one of the few activities possible during the last two years of social distancing caused by the pandemic. Recent years have seen more

All aboard the Everland metaverse!

There has been a lot of buzz about the metaverse, which companies have joined the platform, and what people can do there. The metaverse is sometimes described as an “all-encompassing and persistent virtual world where we shop, play, work, communicate and watch entertainment,” or even a “virtual theme park.” This

Everland through a rose-colored festival

Everland’s Rose Festival began in 1985 as Korea’s first flower festival and marks its 37th anniversary this year. Everland will hold its Rose Festival for a month starting May 13. The theme park in Yongin, located about an hour’s drive from Seoul, has held an annual celebration of the flower,

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