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Trading & Investment

Rechargeable batteries: First use to full charge

With the rapid electrification of the world around us, we might overlook the way our portable and wireless devices get their power and how they are able to recharge. From smaller gadgets like Bluetooth earbuds and smartphones to larger ones such as electric vehicles and satellites, many of the products

Thinking inside the box: Shipping standards

Following one enormous hurdle after another since the outbreak of COVID-19, supply chains have continued to face major challenges. At the center of many supply chain battles is the shipping container — of which there are over 20 million crossing the globe at any time. Supply disruptions have led to

From alchemy to semiconductors: Sulfuric acid

The ongoing global semiconductor shortage has raised awareness of supply chains and why it is so important to ensure their strength and stability. There are various materials that are needed to process semiconductors. One of them is sulfuric acid, which is vital for a number of industries despite its accurate

Passion & Expertise: The team expanding solar energy

Continuing our theme from last month, when we established why solar power has emerged as such a compelling global energy solution, we can now zoom in on a Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group that is responsible for carrying out vast solar energy projects in the United States. With solar

Solar energy keeps on shining despite misconceptions

Amid continued calls for countries around the world to speed up the transition to renewable energy, you might wonder why are we not already seeing a greater transition in the direction of clean sources of power. This is an especially pertinent question for solar energy, which has gone from being

Passion & Expertise: Seeds of success in fertilizer market

As global supply chains continue to come under great pressure, it is important to diversify sources of key materials and maintain positive and fruitful relationships with suppliers and customers. This is exemplified by the case of the fertilizer market. Let’s take a closer look through the eyes of Abdelraouf Samir Mahmoud

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