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Everland’s panda parenting videos trending on social media

What’s it like being a parent in a foreign country? Panda mommy and daddy Ai Bao and Le Bao, who came to Korea from China eight years ago, know all about that. They have become parents twice over at Panda World, within Korea’s Everland Zoo. And now panda fans all

New schoolbags for students of all ages

Many of the little difficulties of everyday life can be solved by surprisingly simple solutions. One example is having the right container to hold your possessions as you move around during the day. Our two hands can only hold so much, while pockets are really only good for holding small

2024 key commodity market outlook: Part 2

We kicked off our 2024 key commodity outlook by assessing this year’s expectations for steel, copper, rechargeable battery materials, and precious metals. In doing so, we presented a mixed picture of opportunities and challenges, as global economic uncertainty weighs on many commodities. Continuing with the second part of our outlook,

World’s second-largest building opens; constructed by Samsung C&T

On Jan. 10 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the landmark Merdeka 118 skyscraper, constructed by Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group, was officially opened in the presence of assembled dignitaries. The Merdeka 118 — “Merdeka” means “independent” in Malay — is the second-tallest building in the world, after the Burj Khalifa

Three strong reasons to visit Everland and Caribbean Bay in February

Korea’s premier theme park Everland and water park Caribbean Bay are open year-round. They are always attractive and fun places for individuals, couples, and families to visit. But this month there are three particularly good reasons to enjoy a day out there. All aboard the Snow Buster In winter, what

Colors of the year: Why limit yourself to two?

Just as every year is the International Year of something (the United Nations has declared 2024 the International Year of Camelids), each year has one or more colors chosen to capture a mood, sentiment, or hope for that year. This year, Samsung Fashion Institute (SFI), part of Samsung C&T Fashion

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