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Heart for Eye: Helping children see the Yeti

Doing something good for others while also benefiting from it gives a positive feeling. KUHO, the minimal-contemporary womenswear brand run by Samsung C&T Fashion Group, helps fashion shoppers help others while at the same time dressing to impress. For over 20 years, the Heart for Eye campaign has helped visually

Telling stories about human culture through construction

Every building tells a story. Some of the most interesting stories are told by buildings that serve cultural purposes. Houses and apartments tell the stories of home life, and offices and factories tell the stories of work life, while cultural spaces tell of the rich variety of experiences that humans

Everland’s five themed gardens bring pleasure to all five senses

Many good things come in fives. Humans have five senses, fingers and toes, some types of cherry blossoms have five petals, the Olympic Games have five rings — and there are five wonderful gardens inside Everland, Korea’s premier theme park. Those gardens are a gift to all five senses. This

Put on your cardigan: It’s time for ‘grandpa core’!

Hold on to your cardigans, because “grandpa core” is here. Last year’s fashion trends included a lot of “cores,” from balletcore to Barbiecore, and much more in between. Some of the most popular cores tap into a vein of vintage style and nostalgia. This year, dressing in a way inspired

Samsung C&T Q1 2024 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 10.796T, Operating Profit: KRW 712B – Year-over-Year (YoY) comparison: Revenue increased by KRW 557B (5.4%) from KRW 10.239T in Q1 2023,operating profit increased by KRW 71B (11.1%) from KRW 641B in Q1 2023 – Quarter-over-Quarter (QoQ) comparison: Revenue increased by KRW 696B (6.9%) from KRW 10.100B

Passion & Expertise: Lessons from the journey to solar business

As solar power expands in the United States, Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group’s role also continues to grow. The company has so far secured U.S.-based solar power and energy storage system projects with a combined capacity of 14.9 gigawatts. Employees are at the heart of this achievement, and this

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