Capturing the Moment: The Beauty and People Behind Samsung’s Construction Projects in Photos

Whether we’re crossing a bridge in morning traffic, riding an elevator to our offices, or enjoying the view from atop one of the world’s tallest buildings, there is virtually no part of our lives unaffected by human ingenuity and engineering. Caught up in our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to forget that behind the infrastructure we rely on every day, there is a story of nature and the people who changed the landscape to make our lives easier. This year, Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group is happy to be sharing part of that story as we celebrate 2018 with the winners of our New Year’s Photo contest.

Employees submitted more than 100 photos as entries into the contest, which focused on themes of nature and humans to tell the story of Samsung’s team of incredible people. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s winners.

Although some might find the daily grind of construction work lacking in beauty, there’s nothing quite like watching a golden sunrise or sunset to set your mind at ease. Such is the beauty that inspired our top prize winners. 

“The Lantau area in Hong Kong is always dusty and foggy due to the yellow dust and air pollution from Shenzen, China,” said Lee Chae-Hyuk, our grand prize winner. I just took the picture because I was happy that it was such a nice day and glad about the new project in Hong Kong, adding that he wishes everyone stays safe this 2018 and hopes that the project goes well. Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than a crisp sunrise is watching the sunset over a hard day’s work, like the one Kim Sang-Joon photographed at the Masan Railway. 

The sunrise and sunset at the Masan Railway site are as beautiful as those at Jungdongjin, so I wanted to share this with all of you, said Kim. “To all of my fellow employees at the headquarters and the site: I wish you all the best for the new year and I hope you can feel the warmth of our site at Bupyeong-Masan Railway.”

Our other silver prize winners were inspired by a simpler type of beauty. Kim Sang-Joon, for example, took in the incredible scenery of a cold winter day. “There was a sudden thick fog while I was working at the site, and I could not see anything,” said Kim. “I hurried back to office after the safety check and, while I was returning, saw the snowflakes beautifully forming on the plants.” Kim says his wish for 2018 is for the safety and well-being of his coworkers. Han Ki Joon, on the other hand, was inspired by wanderlust.

“As I work at the airport, I see planes flying in and out every two minutes. Because of this, I’ve always missed Korea and wished I could just fly somewhere,” said Han. “This was one of my attempts to express my nostalgia, the warmth of the sunset, and the freedom of planes at the same time.” He added that he wishes everyone on his team a warm and peaceful year.

Runner Ups

This collection of employee’s photographs showcases some of the most intriguing scenery from the company’s portfolio of projects and the beautiful contrast between nature and the changing landscape.

Behind these projects is a remarkable team of people and creative activities like our annual photography contest are just one of the ways we inspire each other to strive for the best in the new year. 

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