The new Turbo Solutions Group keeps things turning

When turbines turn smoothly, the wheels of business do likewise. Conversely, a problem with a turbine can throw a spanner in the works of a company. Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction’s Turbo Solutions Group is a team of specialists whose goal is to achieve stable trial operation through the inspection, vibration diagnosis and analysis both before and after the installation of major rotating plant devices, including turbines, rotors, and so on.

In the Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group, the Turbo Solutions Group was created to minimize the risk of projects that involve large turbines by providing technical analysis and solutions to any problems that arise related to turbine operation after a project’s completion during the warranty period.

Playing a critical role in risk reduction

Samsung C&T E&C’s Turbo Solutions Group quickly and accurately identifies the cause of problems in turbines and other large-scale rotating equipment. They keep an open mind to all possibilities and approach problems from diverse perspectives to find the cause. Based on their effective efforts, everyone now recognizes the necessity of their role.

The Turbo Solutions Group is now carrying out vibration diagnostics procedures on turbines and other large-scale rotating equipment commissioned in power generation construction projects underway by Samsung C&T E&C Group.

In addition, this team has secured six types of precision devices such as vibration analyzers and is constantly on standby to tackle any problems on site by carrying out internal and external training and liaising with partners.

The Turbo Solutions Group, established in July 2021, plays its part to minimize any risks that may arise at Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group projects.

Growing together into a professional group

In order to create this new Turbo Solutions Group earlier this year, it was necessary to specially recruit An Myoung-jae, who is an advisor in turbine diagnostics, and Kil Seung-man, an expert in vibration. An is now the group’s leader. As well as bringing in experts from outside, Jung Gyung-hoon, Lee Seung-hyun and Lee Hwa-rang were internally recruited from within the company to join the group’s staff.

Summarizing their mission, An Myoung-jae says, “As a collection of experts, the Turbo Solution Group aims to minimize any adverse impact on construction costs and time by proactively tackling and taking the lead in turbine and generator problems that can occur in the final stages of construction or during the pilot operation phase.”

Lee Seung-hyun describes his motivation thus: “After about three years working in steam turbine construction in UAE nuclear power plants, I became interested in turbines and wanted to get involved in this work. Thankfully, the opportunity came to me at the right time and now I’m part of this group. I want to become an expert like An Myoung-jae and Kil Seung-man, and someone who contributes to project sites and the company overall.”

Jung Gyung-hoon feels a sense of achievement doing this work, saying, “I am proud that I am currently the only person at my level in the Turbo Solutions Group to experience both pilot operations and turbomachinery diagnostics. My goal is to become a turbomachinery diagnostics expert based on my experience in pilot operations. Watch me go!”

The members of the Turbo Solutions Group are working hard towards their respective aspirations while also learning every day to become experts in turbomachinery diagnostics.

Generous teachers and team members with a passion for learning

The goal of the team is not only to quickly and accurately diagnose and analyze problems with turbines on site but also to foster next-generation manpower. An Myoung-jae and Kil Seung-man are helping their junior team members grow into experts by sharing their knowledge and experience and encouraging them to always learn more.

Kil Seung-man has big aspirations for his new team, revealing, “I hope that the diagnostics technology of the Samsung C&T E&G Group will play an important role in the engineering, procurement, and construction business that it conducts around the world by transferring my experience and know-how to the eager junior members of the team.”

Explaining the relationship between team leaders and their junior team members further, Lee Hwa-rang says, “I’m lucky to be able to learn from the experiences and knowledge of those who have built up a solid legacy in the same field for decades. When An Myung-jae and Kil Seung-man train us, they always think from the standpoint of the trainees. Also, they actively encourage us to receive external education if we need to help fill any gaps. Also, I want to give back more than I have received to the future junior members of the team.”

There are both leaders who generously impart knowledge, experience, and know-how, and team members who learn and grow without missing a single beat. Although the Turbo Solutions Group has existed less than a year, the depth of teaching, the passion for learning, and the relationship between senior and junior members of the team are as strong as if not stronger than any other team.

The members of the Turbo Solutions Group can rightfully be called mechanical doctors. To carry the analogy further, the plant division used to encounter ailments, but now that this clinic has been established and these doctors are diagnosing problems and carrying out treatments, Samsung C&T E&C Group can say goodbye to the past when untreated ailments could lead to financial pain and loss.

The Turbo Solutions Group can be expected to keep things turning at the Samsung C&T E&C Group far into the future.

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