Paving the future in landscape design – Samsung C&T continues to challenge itself

In the realm of landscape architecture, Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group has consistently proven its prowess. Following the recent triumph of securing its 12th IFLA award for its outstanding Nature Gallery project, the Group stands at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in landscaping.

In the first article of this two-part series we explored the design principles behind Nature Gallery and the challenges that needed to be overcome. This second installment looks at the impact this project has had, and looks to the future of landscaping and Samsung C&T E&C Group’s role in it.

Samsung C&T E&C Group’s Landscape Group is recognized for its capabilities, winning various awards.

A warm reception

Thanks to the team’s hard work, the reactions by visitors to Nature Gallery have been positive. Says landscape designer and product developer Park Yu-jung, “Seeing people come in from outside to enjoy Nature Gallery, taking pictures and sharing it on social media, it hit me that this project has been a success and our direction was right.”

Designer and site manager Jeong Jae-dong agreed: “I’m very happy with the outcome, but even if it hadn’t been so good, it would be meaningful that we worked on the process and tried new things.”

This positive reception gives the members of the Samsung C&T E&C Group’s Landscape Group a feeling of pride and brings them back to look at their handiwork and how people use it.

Yu-jung smiled and said she had visited Nature Gallery several times after the project’s completion. “I was skeptical and wanted to see how well people were enjoying the space. I saw that it was really being used well, and the trees we selected and planted are growing better than we originally expected. Now it’s winter, but next spring it will look even better.”

Eyes on the prize

When it came to the project’s successful outcome in creating Nature Gallery and the IFLA award, a common thread was the deep meaning of having created a space that is available to all. Echoing this, Park Sang-hee, who is in charge of submitting projects to competitions, said, “This award shows that Samsung C&T is not only good at landscaping for apartments, but it is also good at landscaping green spaces,” adding, “When we entered the competition we emphasized that the landscapes of typical Korean apartments can look very similar, and we were trying to break from that pattern.”

Team leader June Yang commented, “The fact that it was Nature Gallery that received the award makes it all the more meaningful.” For the members of the Landscape Group, winning the 2023 IFLA Outstanding Award for Nature Gallery is a big feather in their caps. Sang-hee agreed: “The award was possible because the team members did their best in each of their respective positions.” Furthermore, Yu-jung pointed out that the small size of the team and the relatively low degree of movement to or from other departments in the Group helps the team work together better as a unit. Moreover, June humbly confesses that he is not very good at expressing warm sentiments, but he feels proud to see the team perform so well together.

Asked about the meaning of the IFLA award to Samsung C&T, June added, “This prize is meaningful for Samsung C&T, because it is an award that shows the long-term direction and efforts of the company. Giving the award to a public space that is open to everyone shows that Samsung C&T is contributing to cultural and urban life improvements, beyond the mere pursuit of profit.”

The landscape ahead

With this 2023 Outstanding Award, Samsung C&T E&C Group has received a total of 12 awards including this most recent one over the years. For example, in 2017 it won recognition with the Skyrise Greenery category for its vertical green wall at Seoul City Hall and in 2020 it received recognition in the Heat Islands and Fire Resistance category for its Raemian Art-Rich Apartment.

Sang-hee brought up Samsung C&T’s Mist Garden (which won the 2023 Asia Design Prize for improving the environment of apartment buildings from an eco-friendly perspective), “Looking at recent award trends, Samsung C&T seems to be ahead of other construction firms by half a beat.”

Having snagged its latest award for Nature Gallery, Samsung C&T has proven its outstanding capabilities in the field of landscape design once again. In fact, Yu-jung said she expects Nature Gallery to lead apartment complex landscaping for the next 5 to 10 years.

Not content to rest on its laurels, the Landscape Group is already thinking ahead. The members of the team are constantly thinking of how apartment landscapes should change for the better, said Yu-jung, adding, “I hope we can continue to build our reputation in the construction industry.” Team leader June chimes in, “I am proud of my teammates for staying focused and making good progress in their respective areas. We want to keep improving and showing the world new things.”

What achievements will Samsung C&T E&C Group attain in the landscaping field in the future? We can’t wait to find out.

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