Spring Styling: Get Picnic-Perfect with KUHO’s Latest Collection

With the rolling over of the calendar comes the imminent promise of warmer weather as spring approaches, along with the chance to spend more time outside – dressed in the very latest trends, of course.

KUHO’s Spring ’19 collection, themed ‘Picnic’ after that quintessential spring activity, offers style-wary shoppers the perfect way to dress for this season notorious for its capricious weather patterns. Tailored styling options in spring-ready color palettes take center stage in a dynamic selection of pieces destined to find their way into your closet this springtime.

Understated Outerwear Weather-Proof Macs, Trench Coats & Jackets

The secret to weather-proof styling is always to layer – and KUHO’s latest collection masters this with style. The Spring ’19 outerwear offering provides a harmonious coming together of warm colors and contrasting, sharp silhouettes for easy elegance ready for whatever the weather may throw at you.

Noted actress Eun-chae Jung embodies the chic minimalism of the collection’s dynamic coat offering, which features the latest variation of the classic Mac coat silhouette – reconfigured for the springtime. Despite the coat’s minimalist appearance thanks to the soft gray coloration of its check pattern, subtle design points have been augmented with the addition of leather detailing for an understated yet luxurious touch.

Get set for the spring weather with this timeless yet modern mackintosh coat

A perfect top layer for when those spring days turn cold, KUHO’s dark gray trench coat provides a great alternative to hefty winter coats for any cold snap. Not only does the choice of color palette reflect the quiet optimism of the spring season in a subtle and elegant way, but its delicate texture also makes it practical for the season. Unlike a typical cotton trench coat, KUHO’s piece is made with a poly mixed material for any and all of your spring activities.

KUHO’s gray trenchcoat (left) and black cocoon silhouette coat (right) are great options for spring layering

For those sunnier days, KUHO’s latest collection also offers a range of light jackets that are as at home on the city streets as they are at a countryside picnic. With subtle patterning and color palettes taking center stage, they make the perfect complement to the collection’s longer coat offering for easy and stylish layering, should the weather require it.

KUHO’s refined jackets are perfect for any sunny spring activity

Taking Skirts to New Lengths Styling a New Trend for Spring

A focal point of this latest collection is the uneven hem skirt, a quirky reworking of the classic long skirt style that is as fresh as a spring breeze – a perfect choice for the season of rejuvenation. Designed with a flattering pleat style in elegant chiffon, this latest style is offset by its unique unbalanced hem line.

KUHO’s uneven hem line pleated skirt is eye-catching yet relaxed

Looking for a sophisticated way to style this new trend? Why not pair this asymmetrical bottom piece with a cinched jacket and oversized sneakers in a complementary hue for the ultimate relaxed yet tailored spring look, destined to bring class to any picnic.

Capture Jung’s easy style (right) with a tailored jacket (center) and on-trend, oversized sneakers (right)

A Transition Classic Breathing New Life into Sneaker Styling

As well as bringing new spring fashions and looks to the table, the designers behind KUHO’s latest collection also understand that some trends never go out of style. This is why, as well as offering unique options to see you through the spring months, KUHO’s Spring ’19 range also features the latest take on that transition weather classic – dark trousers and white sneakers.

The ultimate in relaxed, minimal styling suitable for spring showers and the occasional chilly fronts of post-winter weather, this style is also KUHO designer-approved. “Matching black trousers or jeans with the minimal design of white sneakers is the perfect look during seasons of change,” notes Hyeon-jeong Kim, Director of the KUHO Design Team. The collection features a wide range of options to suit any style and taste to make this classic styling choice your own, even if black trousers aren’t your thing.

KUHO’s Spring collection offers black trousers in a variety of styles to suit all tastes (top) and subtly-accented takes on the white trainer classic (bottom)

For the ultimate in muted, tailored styling of this evergreen trend, why not pair this look with any one of the enduring and practical pullovers from the KUHO spring collection, available in an appealing range of muted yet classy complementary colors.

As well as coming in a range of colors, KUHO’s springtime jumpers offer you a variety of styles for each and any temperature spring might throw at you

This latest collection was designed with blooming temperatures and the effect this has on our leisure time in mind. “When we think of spring, a picnic outdoors is often the first thing that comes to mind, so our design team tried to bring together colors and patterns to emphasize a softer mood for this collection,” explains Kim.

KUHO’s Spring ’19 collection is available to purchase now on the SSF Store.

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