Are you beach-ready?

Summer holidays are coming up soon! With beach destinations across the world vying for attention this summer, many of us will be hitting the sand before autumn comes around.

But where to find a new swimsuit and all the accessories to make this year’s beach experience both chic and memorable?

Here are some trends making waves at the seaside this summer.

Sun, surf, and sand

The retro trend is taking beaches by storm this summer, as shown by the re-emergence of vintage swimwear. The one-piece swimsuit will be hotter than ever in 2019. If you are wondering what trendy swimwear to choose, a great option to consider is 8seconds’ classic yellow one-piece offering.

8seconds 19SS Solid Basic Swimsuit

While one-piece swimsuits are once again enjoying their place in the sun, high-waisted bikinis represent another old-fashioned style that has returned to popularity, including among these celebrities. It seems these bathing suits are a welcome throwback then, with plenty of mix-and-match options.

Left: 8seconds 19SS Solid Basic Bikini - Royal Blue (top) / Right: 8seconds 19SS Tube Square Neck Bikini - Yellow (top) and 19SS Gingham Check High Waist Swim Pants - Black (bottom)

Check swim pants capture the current gingham mood. If that is not for you, then 70s-inspired brown remains en vogue after making a real comeback last autumn, while black never really goes out of style.

Left: LEBEIGE 19SS Bikini / Right: LEBEIGE 19SS Wrap One-piece Swimwear

Florals, stripes, polka dots – it can be confusing following print and pattern trends.

Botanical prints can present a vintage vibe or, like these options, appear a little more abstract to match individual tastes. It helps to find a matching skirt, turning that swimsuit into a complete outfit.

Left: KUHO 19SS Botanical Pattern One-piece Swimsuit / Right: KUHO 19SS Botanical Pattern Long Pleats Skirt

Of course, it is desirable to be able to maintain style with some modesty.

Covering up with a beach gown is elegant, though there are a few considerations. Choose a color or pattern that matches or works in contrast to your swimwear. It is also important when adding extra layers in the summer heat that those layers are light and durable.

These options should tick those boxes, ranging from robe-style to day-night gowns.

Far left: KUHO 19SS Botanical Pattern One-piece /Left: KUHO 19SS Vertical Stripe Knight Long Cardigan /Right: LEBEIGE 19SS Marine Life Printed Robe /Far Right: OIAUER 19SS Shirring Detail Wrap Dress

Some beachgoers would rather hang up their gown and sport something younger and fresher. Look out for bright colors and horizontal stripes this summer. Variations on the classic T-shirt or halter neck can easily be paired with shorts that might be even cuter with the cherry motif produced by KIRSH’s collaboration with Beanpole Sport.

Left: Beanpole Sport 19SS [BPS X KIRSH] Heart Cherry Cropped T-shirt / Center: Beanpole Sport 19SS [BPS X KIRSH] Dolphin Pants / Right: Beanpole Sport 19SS [BPS X KIRSH] Stripe Halter Neck
Beanpole ‘1989 Limited Edition’ T-shirts

Men need not be left in the shade. Pastel or light colors remain a strong beachwear choice, particularly when paired with light, summery linen. The relaxed-fit drawstring trend has also easily translated into shorts cut above the knee this summer.

Left: 8seconds 19SS Solid washing Swim Short Pants /Center: 8seconds 19SS Linen Blended Solid Pin Tuck Short Pants /Right: Beanpole Sport 19SS Relax-fit Utility Short Pants (Unisex)

Effortless Accessories

Naturally, there should be plenty of room in the discerning beachgoer’s collection for summer accessories – particularly hats that keep the sun off without being simply functional and bags that are both trendy and practical.

But getting the summer hat right is a persistent challenge for men and women. This is where you want to look timeless rather than dated. Wide brims are ever-popular, as the Fedora style has certainly stood the test of time. Straw makes for a light, breathable alternative to the traditional felt material. A general rule when trying on hats is that a larger face will match better with a wider brim. It should fit comfortably around two centimeters above the ears, and tilt the hat forward so that the brim angles down at the front and curls up at the back.

Far Left: 8seconds 19SS Ribbon Strap Fedora Hat / Left: 8seconds 19SS Lettering Ribbon Straw Fedora / Right: KUHO 19SS [CATARZI] Raffia Hat / Far Right: LEBEIGE 19SS Straw Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have witnessed a quiet surge in popularity in recent years. They have featured strongly at Paris Fashion Week for the last two years, as well as forming a strong impression in streetwear at London Fashion Week. The bucket hat seems to have evolved from its ‘90s tracksuit combo stage and will set the perfect tone for men or women who want to wear this mood. Be bold with some dazzling color contrasts or find a pattern that works for you.

Left: 9seconds 19SS Paisley Bucket Hat / Right: 8seconds 19SS Color Contrast Point Strap Eco Bag

Bags are as essential as beach shoes for that seaside experience, and we now draw our attention to both of these.

You cannot go far wrong with a tote bag, according to Vogue. Linen, straw and eco-friendly materials support the purpose of using a durable tote – with single-use plastic bags being decidedly unfashionable in 2019.

Left: Beanpole Accessory 19SS Foret solid bucket bag / Right below: 19SS Beanpole Accessory FORET Striped Crossbody Bag / Right above: FORET Striped Bucket Bag

Designs vary from very basic to something that would match one of those elegant beach gowns. Beanpole’s light yet tough Foret Bag is a nice example of a product that has been manufactured by an eco-friendly process. Stylish lettering can add a personal flourish in a variety of colors and styles.

Far LEft: LEBEIGE 19SS Stripe Basket Straw Tote Bag /Left: KUHO 19SS CATARZI Raffia Linen Layered Tote Bag /Right: 8seconds 19SS Yellowish Brown Linen Square Tote Bag /Far Right: 8seconds 19SS Lettering Printing Eco Bag

And then, no one needs to be scalding their feet this summer. That burning sand can be an apt complement to hot neon sliders. Or you might want to pick a more neutral color, perhaps lifted by that KIRSH cherry motif. Either way, you want an easy-to-wash material and a fit that will keep you strutting your stuff in your new beachwear this summer.

Left: Beanpole Sport 19SS [BPS X KIRSH] Cherry Flip Flops / Center: Beanpole Sport 19SS POC Logo Slider / Right: 8seconds 19SS Belt Strap Slipper
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