Back to blue: Make the most of the Pantone Color of the Year 2020

We need some soothing Classic Blue in our lives, according to the highly influential Pantone Color of the Year for 2020. Guided by global trends, Pantone describes this color as a timeless and enduring hue that’s “suggestive of the sky at dusk.” Experts at the Pantone Color Institute chose Classic Blue for its power to instill “calm, confidence, and connection.”

Pantone also picked a shade of blue, Cerulean Blue, for its first ever Color of the Year right at the end of the last century, so we might have predicted another solid choice as we’re about to enter a new decade. But it’s still a big shift from the vibrancy of 2019’s Living Coral.

Researchers at Samsung Design Net (SDN) say that by choosing Classic Blue for 2020, Pantone has “expressed its desire to overcome anxiety and move forward in search of unshakeable stability.” SDN is South Korea’s largest online lifestyle and fashion information site, offering content provided by Samsung Fashion Institute. Noting how this color can be found all around us, SDN views Classic Blue as resembling not only the sky but also “a perfectly-cut suit” and “the deep blue shade of silent water.”

SDN staff are “looking forward to seeing how Classic Blue will perform” across many design industries, including fashion, beauty, and interior. So, what ideas do we already have about how to make the most of Classic Blue?

Self-assured Classic Blue in the world of fashion

(Source: Pantone)

Classic Blue is seen as a pretty safe color in fashion, but it’s this quality that makes it so versatile – as shown by its use in a wide range of apparel and accessories, such as the KUHO pullover and Juun.J crossbody bag below. Aside from being self-assured and elegant, Classic Blue can be just as feminine as it is masculine. We can see then how Pantone might have reflected the ongoing genderless fashion trend in its choice. Both traditional and contemporary, capable of being muted or shimmering, here are some examples to consider from ssfshop.com.

Classic Blue fashion tips

Living with Classic Blue: a safe foundation

(Source: Pantone)

Just as Classic Blue is a solid fashion option, it can work well in cosmetics, interior design, and other lifestyle products too. Classic Blue makeup might range from glittering to matte, for example. As a stable foundation to build home designs around, designers recommend using Classic Blue in various ways, whether as a wall shade or in the form of a statement sofa. You might even get some inspiration taking some notes in a Classic Blue journal, or gazing into the depths of a Classic Blue mug!

(Source: Pantone)
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