Want to bust winter boredom?

Visitors to Everland, South Korea’s biggest theme park, can break away the winter blues on Snow Buster – a sledding slope featuring three different courses for all ages.

Operated by Samsung C&T Resort Group, Everland is located in Yongin, south of Seoul, and remains a popular destination during the year’s coldest months when Korean children enjoy their longest school break – especially as Snow Buster is only open during the winter. And while much of Korea didn’t get to enjoy a white Christmas, Snow Buster ensures visitors can still enjoy sledding because it doesn’t rely on snowfall.

Choose your thrill level

Snow Buster boasts three courses, which vary according to thrill intensity and are all available to Everland visitors at no extra charge. The faster options are the four-seater tubes that zoom down the 200-meter Express Course and the single-seater sleds of the Racing Course. There is also the Family Course to ensure younger kids can join in the fun. The Family Course and the Racing Course opened before Christmas, while the Express Course was saved for the start of 2020.

Snow Buster’s Express Course runs for 200 meters and features giant tube-shaped sleds big enough for four people.

Everland additionally offers the convenience of tube lifts, air cushions, and dedicated snow lanes. An extra bonus is that all three courses now feature an automatic starter after the system was successfully introduced on the Express Course last year. It means more visitors can enjoy sledding more safely, because the automatic starter prevents random departures or people having to wait for a member of staff to push them. As this keeps the flow of sleds going, 25 percent more sledders can slide down Snow Buster’s courses every hour.

The Racing Course (left) is a fast, single-seater experience, while the Family Course (right) ensures younger sledders won’t feel left out.

When the time comes for après-sled relaxation

Those seeking some warmth after all that sledding can head into a warm room for some relaxation. Snow Buster Lounge has beach chairs, parasols, and sofas that allow sledders to lay back and dry out.

If anyone still want to have more fun in the snow though, that’s an option too. Everland’s Winter Playground is right at the entrance of the theme park’s Alpine Village, where the sledding slopes are located. Visitors can play and capture winter memory snapshots in large igloos, snow mazes, and tunnels.

The smell of spring flowers…in winter!

If visitors can’t quite wait for spring, there’s Everland’s Butterfly Garden, which has been open since last month. The indoor garden contains 50,000 butterflies flying in and around flowers – and the number of large-sized butterflies, such as the swallowtail and long tail spangle varieties, has more than doubled since last year. 

Parents might also want to get their kids to enjoy a special butterfly experience program this winter. Zookeepers are on hand to tell stories and explain the ecology and characteristics of butterflies, while visitors can use a magnifying glass to study their journey from egg to caterpillar to butterfly.  There are even butterfly wings and masks that visitors can try on, as well as the option to wear a hat with honey and flower decorations to feed the garden’s fluttering residents.

In addition, there are colorful butterfly-shaped stickers, on which visitors can write New Year’s wishes and an Instagram event offering the chance to win Everland tickets. For more information about this event and Snow Buster, visit Everland’s website.

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