Sustainability enters women’s fashion in spring/summer 2020 collections

This year will see reinterpretations of classic women’s apparel from the perspective of sustainability, as consumers think more about their purchasing choices. The ongoing retro phenomenon is being extended to a historic romantic look, blending restrained feminine flourishes with practical and wearable items. Colorwise, this spring and summer fashion period will see a resurgence of old favorites black and white, together with an infusion of pastels to add some highlights.

Lim Ji-yeon, director of the Samsung Fashion Institute (SFI), said that “The special features of this year’s spring and summer fashions are a minimalist style combined with maximum detailing, giving birth to an eclectic mix that takes highly practical essentials with everyday life in mind and flavors them with puffs, ruffles and other popular romantic elements from the past.”

Sustainable reinterpretations of classics

Sustainability was the hot topic at 2020 women’s spring/summer fashion weeks around the world. Consumer attitudes towards fashion are changing as the number of buyers looking for consumption with a conscience grows. Today’s fashion is emphasizing a feeling of responsibility towards society and the environment, so shoppers are looking for classic items that they can wear for a long time and are focusing on unchanging values that transcend time.

We can see this in Valentino’s new collection centered around the universal white shirt, as well as Prada’s “less is more” minimalism-inspired restrained office look. These major luxury brands are bringing out back-to-basics designs emphasizing the values of timelessness and simplicity.

This season it’s less about creating new trends than about focusing on products that have been beloved before and those that have been consistently popular. Going for sustainability through classic and practical clothes that, once bought, can be worn for many seasons and can be used in many combinations.

Both KUHO and kuho plus from Samsung C&T Fashion Group have been quick to reimagine classic items in novel yet sustainability-sensitive ways.

KUHO has reimagined the trench coat as a combination short trench jacket and a long vest that can be worn separately or together for a layering effect. Big pockets and a detachable belt add extra practicality. KUHO’s designers have also reinterpreted the tailored coat, transcending formality using lightweight Air Jersey fabric, endowing it with a comfortable and minimalist feel. 

Classic garments are also comfortably and practically made-over at kuho plus to allow the wearer to create a formal or casual ensemble according to the occasion. Kuho plus has given a younger feel to the trench coat with a pink multi-check pattern that looks gorgeous. Gold buttons and outside pockets add some style to the tweed jacket.

Left: KUHO 20SS Oversized Crop Trench Jacket and 20SS Belted Long Trench Vest - Beige / Center: KUHO 20SS Slim Air Jersey Coat - Black / Right: kuho plus 20SS Double Breasted Long Trench Coat - Pink

“Historic romantic” – taking retro further

For those who want to add something new to their style, take a look at some new items that have ruffles, puffs, shirring and other romantic highlights.

We’re talking about going back in time even further than retro – to the age of romance. At the 2020 fashion weeks we saw Louis Vuitton, Burberry and other big names draw inspiration from the fancy and romantic clothing of the renaissance and baroque eras, creating a “historic romantic” look. Samsung C&T Fashion Group brands are moving back in time to meet the future, too.

OIAUER, which always offers feminine daywear that reflects a lifestyle where work and life are in balance, has launched garments that use feminine elements like volume sleeves, shoulder puffs and shirring in a variety of ways. To avoid giving the impression that they are overused, here they are used in the strictest of moderation so that they feel more wearable and better suited to everyday work and other activities. 

Meanwhile fast fashion brand 8seconds has added volume to its pastel pink maxi-dress with ruffled details, and shoulder and neck frills and lace highlights to its blouses for that extra touch of romance. 

Left: OIAUER 20SS Volume Sleeve Jacket - Beige / Right: 8seconds 20SS Ruffle Wrap Long Dress - Light Pink

Basic black & white, pretty pastels

Minimalist gold standard black and white are big this season, but so are light pastel colors. Basic black and white create a simple and muted look, while soft pastels stress a lively and wearable style.

Samsung Fashion brand LEBEIGE has launched its new Collection Label line, with all-black jersey top and skirt setups that express the beauty of curves through 3D patterns, dressy black dresses, and a white layering look with see-through white fabrics.

LEBEIGE 20SS Collection Label

On the other hand, KUHO has chosen lavender as its key color for the season and has released pullovers, blouses and dresses with a feminine mood.

OIAUER has also gone with pastel colors, adding them to loose silhouettes and modern detailing, creating a kind of contemporary take on a marine look. Blouses and dresses in sky blue, pink, and yellow exude loveliness.

Meanwhile, kuho plus is welcoming the new season with a fresh spring feeling by launching a clean pastel pink shirt, life-like apple green knitwear, and a feminine sky blue shirt dress.

OIAUER 20SS Sailor Double Button Blouse – Blue and Lavender / Right: kuho plus 20SS Cuffs Point Shirts – Pink

Visit Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall, SSF Shop to check out the latest eclectic yet sustainable style offerings to add to your spring and summer wardrobe.

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