Suits to suit all women in 2020

Are you still stuck in the mindset that suits are only worn by men? Forget about it! Suits are now beloved fashion items for women who want to express some panache and flair in every season.

In all the latest popular K-dramas and also at formal occasions, we’re seeing female celebrities show off a suit look that reflects fashion trends and each woman’s individual style.

The 2020 spring and summer season’s main international collections offer suits that express a modern femininity while also taking a new look at the decades from the 1970s to the 1990s, when women refused to be restricted to the home and began to fulfill a greater role in society. As a result, we’re seeing androgynous power suits with strongly exaggerated shoulder lines as well as minimal suits that highlight a long and lean silhouette.

This season, it is knee-length Bermuda shorts, or even shorter shorts with matching casual suit jackets, jackets without collar or lapels, and brightly colored suits that are garnering attention in feminine suit styling.

Kim Hyun-jung, design director at Samsung C&T’s fashion brand KUHO explains, “this season we believe the suit style, re-imagined with femininity, will be a big hit. You’ll notice that belts have been added and collars have been taken away, or flexible fabric has been used, all to marry feminine elements to the suit, so that it doesn’t lose its womanliness even while adding some confidence and strength to it.”

Samsung C&T Fashion Group this spring offers a wide range of suit styles to highlight a woman’s confidence and beauty, from classy and modern pants suits, through skirt suits with a young sensibility, to trendy colored suits.

If it’s classy and modern suits you’re after, take a look at KUHO’s Edit Line. Since 2016 KUHO has been rolling out Edit Line’s new and comfortable suits aimed at workers each season. This spring and summer Edit Line have kicked the feminism and classiness of its designs up a notch. It has launched a collarless jacket with solid and slim lines as its top item for this season. The collarless finish gives it a soft and minimalist feeling, and the belt accentuates the waistline.

Added to that is the linen-blended check jacket and Bermuda shorts combination, and the long and lean silhouette jacket with increased wearability thanks to its air-jersey material.

Left: KUHO 20SS EDIT Collarless Slim Belted Jacket - Khaki / Right: KUHO 20SS Linen Blended Single Tailored Jacket - Beige

For the millennial generation, kuho plus is showing off a younger sensibility in its suit styling. An overfit double-breasted jacket with subdued pin stripes, matched with a similarly patterned high-waisted mini skirt creates a casual but refined set-up look. Also, an exquisitely tailored single-button jacket combined with straight-leg pants makes a stylish yet simple look.

Meanwhile, New York contemporary brand Theory is expanding its trendy style offering with colored suits and power suits with wide pants. As with menswear, pastel tones are in the spotlight as key colors, and suits that incorporate these colors are definitely the cynosure of all eyes this spring and summer. Theory has released a form-fitting sky blue jacket with matching slim-fit pants to present a colorful look that is both bright and modern. For a different look that gives off a feeling of intensity while still remaining modern, Theory offers a set-up style of a pin-striped jacket with wide pants.

Left: kuho plus 20SS Double Breasted Semi Oversized Jacket - Navy / Right: Theory 20SS Women Good Wool Long Blazer - Sky

For more ideas in women’s suits this spring and summer season, visit the Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s integrated online shopping mall, SSF Shop.

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