Trendsetting jetsetters inspire Juun.J’s F/W 2022 collection

Juun.J founder Jung Wook-jun has been making a name for himself in the fashion world ever since he won the Samsung Fashion & Design Fund (SFDF) 2009-2011. Last year Juun.J presented collections at Paris Fashion Week in January and June, and most recently the brand released a number of gorpcore items created in collaboration with Gore-Tex.

The 2022 fall/winter Juun.J collection launched on January 21 is set to entice and delight adventurous trendsetters. Called “Juun.JSet,” it is inspired by the wealthy world-traveling “jet set” of the 1960s and 70s and globetrotting pop stars of the same era.

Got your ticket? The newest Juun.J collection is inspired by the “jet set” of days gone by.

The look of this collection exudes confidence, youth, novelty and vitality, harking back to an earlier time where famous people could be in one exotic location today before flying to a bustling city tomorrow.

Speaking about his thinking behind this collection, Juun.J brand founder, creative director and visionary Jung Wook-jun explains, “I wanted to rediscover daily life in this ongoing pandemic situation and express my hope for a bright future and the freedom to travel once again.”

A rich and exciting collection

Many items in this collection employ quilting techniques to express volume and a rich, full silhouette. This technique has been used in a fresh way on a variety of different clothes such as a maxi dress, skirt, MA-1 bomber jacket, and a hoodie as well as outerwear.

Arrivals and departures: These travelers will catch the eye wherever they land.

The Gore-Tex collaboration, which was initially launched late last year as a capsule collection, has now been expanded to a full collection. By mixing and matching quilting and embroidery, the brand has infused these garments with its own unique utility mood.

Furthermore, design elements from the CWU-8/P military parkas worn by the U.S. Air Force have been reinterpreted and used as a finishing touch on long jumpers, outerwear, MA-1 jackets, and T-shirts.

As for color, Juun.J has used black, brown and deep-green overdyeing (putting a fabric that is already colored through the dyeing process) to add highlights to blue denim.


Taking to the skies with Juun.J

In keeping with the “Juun.JSet” theme, the catwalk video was filmed on location at the world-famous Incheon International Airport and in Air Seoul’s hangar. Almost entirely black & white, this short film is mysterious and inviting, showing the 22 collection items in a most jet-setting way.


The models stride purposely through the terminal, glide gracefully on the travelators, or stand impassively in front of an airplane. They are going somewhere exciting and looking fabulous while doing it.

Luxury business lifestyle brand Montblanc contributed to the collection by providing its super-functional travel trolleys featuring sophisticated designs.

Still images and videos of Juun.J’s 2022 fall/winter collection can be seen at Juun.J’s official Instagram page, and the items themselves will soon be available online at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s website.

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