Gift ideas for Family Month

May is “family month” in Korea, with Children’s Day falling on May 5 and Parent’s Day on May 8. In many other countries around the world, the second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day, which this year happens to be May 8. This is why May may be an appropriate time to think of a gift for a loved one in or out of the family.

Media articles suggesting gift ideas abound at this time. All kinds of outlet from the New York Times to Forbes magazine and even Reader’s Digest carry such stories. Samsung C&T Fashion Group also offers a wide range of potential presents to suit all budgets and relationships, from your “inside family” at home to your “outside family” – your colleagues and friends.

Inside family

As summer approaches, it is time to remember the power of the sun and the importance of a hat. Your mother might appreciate the gift of stylish headwear, and these days there are so many types to choose from. From a floral print bucket hat and a pretty lace knit hat to a sporty visor to keep the bright sunlight out of your mother’s eyes and off her face, pick one that matches her best.


For fathers, footwear is always a welcome gift. It would be good to your father a pair of dressy brogues that he can wear to work, practical fabric sneakers which is suitable for light walks and casual gatherings, or a pair of golf shoe if your father enjoys golf. However, no matter what shoes you choose, your father would be happy because the gift was chosen by their children with love for their fathers.

If people in the past had little attention to their feet, people nowadays wear fashion on their feet. As such, socks are no longer neglected items, but fashion items that are chosen in consideration of the day’s mood and overall look. In particular, children with fewer fashion items than adults enjoy showing a touch of individuality through their sock choices, so your children or siblings may welcome a gift of attractive socks.

Often there are people in our lives who spend as much time with us as our real family members, if not more. These might be work colleagues, lovers, or fellow students. They seem like a family outside the home, and it is nice to show our appreciation for them with a gift.

Even in bed people like to look their best. Checks and stripes are popular pajama patterns, but floral and fruity prints should not be overlooked. Pajamas can also be worn around the house for lazy daywear on a weekend or holiday. Couple pajamas make a great gift idea for a girlfriend or boyfriend.  


A cell phone is one of the most valuable items we carry around with us each day. We want to keep our cell phone close by, but also protect it so that it does not crack or break easily. A cell phone case does the job, and these days the case itself can become a fashion accessory or object of envy. A case makes  a fine gift for a respected or trusted colleague or friend.

The items shown above and many more May gift ideas can be found online at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s website.


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