Accessorize yourself well to bring out your best

The old saying goes that clothes make the (wo)man, but that does not mean only items of apparel – it extends to everything we wear or carry, including accessories. Your hat, bag, shoes, and even your umbrella constitute your image and can give others subtle signs about your sense of style.

So when shopping for accessories, it’s important to think about how they match the clothes you wear. KUHO, a contemporary brand of womenswear with a modern aesthetic and part of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group, recently released a collection of handbags, and also offers a wide range of accessories from hats to shoes.

Bag it up

If a bag were purely practical, simply a container for holding things that we need during the day, we would carry shopping bags all the time. But we know that bags are more than that – they too are part of our fashion.

KUHO has recently launched several new bags in its line. One is a canvas handy bag, compact in size and light in weight. Additionally, there is a luxurious square bucket bag made of high-quality leather in black, white, and camel.

Pillow bags are hot items these days because of their tactile quality – they are fun to hold and touch. KUHO has released a canvas pillow bag in navy and yellow beige that is compact yet spacious inside. An adjustable shoulder strap allows it to be carried as a tote bag or worn off the shoulder.

A bag should look good with whatever is worn. For this reason, neutral colors like black, white, gray, and beige are popular because of their versatility. These colors tend to match almost anything.

The sole of dressing

A lot of outfits can look good above the ankles but are let down by the shoes of the aspiring fashionista. Sensible and comfortable footwear looks smart and matches the clothing to create a pleasing ensemble.

The good news is that it is not necessary to suffer for fashion, because an attractive pair of shoes can and should also feel good. Canvas shoes, slingback heels with an open-toe cutout, or mules attract the eye without compromising on comfort. What’s more, they work well with skirts, dresses, and jeans.

Again, staple colors are neutral tones without too much distraction because they can be worn in combination with clothing of practically any color.

To top it all off

Once the shoes and bag have been taken care of, it is time to look for little touches of elegance or pizzazz. What accessories can add some flair to an outfit?

Not many people think automatically of an umbrella as a fashion item, but on a rainy day an umbrella is the first thing that people will notice about you. Choose one that is above all practical but that also shows you have put some thought into your choice.

Hats are an absolute must-have item in the warmer months to keep the sun off your head, and do not forget that a hat literally tops off your whole ensemble. Choose simple and tasteful headwear to go with your clothes. It’s good to have a few hats and caps of various colors to suit the mood and occasion.

A twilly scarf or neck kerchief is an easy but creative way to jazz up any look. The Guardian recently devoted a whole article to different ways that a scarf can add life to something that you have worn for a while, advising readers that, “matching the color of your accessories can look old-fashioned, but if you give it a twist, it looks great.”

A scrunchie or hair clasp is more than merely a way to hold back long hair. Worn right, it can give a touch of elegance and class.

Believe it or not, but socks can be playful. Sometimes they match the pants or skirt worn above, but at other times, they can be a flash of bright color in what otherwise appears to be a monochrome ensemble.

The above items and other accessories from KUHO can be found online at Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s SSF shop.

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