Everland’s Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Fall Date

For any season, Everland is an exciting way to spend the day with your significant other. Exciting rollercoasters, Halloween thrills and beautiful gardens can make one fantastically adventure-filled date at Korea’s largest amusement park.

In combination with some of Everland’s seasonal attractions, below is a guide for couples of all ages who are planning a future date at the park or are maybe interested in finding out what activities are in store. Along with these activities, a new service, EVERCAB, is also available for foreigners who want a convenient way to get to Everland. And for October, Korea’s nationwide FESTA sale is promoting tickets to the park at a great value – all the more reason to head over for a romantic rendezvous.

So whether it is finding an Instagram-worthy photo spot in the romantic Rose Garden or reaching unbelievable heights on the Double Rock Spin, even couples with diverse interests can be guaranteed to have fun together.

There is something for couples of all types at Everland – and with the cooler weather, fall is the perfect opportunity to have an out-of-the-ordinary experience at the park. Scary surprises, throwback snacks and marvelous flowers are just some of the activities ready at Everland for couples having their first, or hundredth, date.

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