Everland in May Means Loads of Family Fun for Everyone

With Mother’s Day, International Day of Families, and Children’s Day in Korea all just around the corner, we take time this May to appreciate and celebrate the ones we treasure most – our beloved family.

That is why Everland is slated to go all in and hands-on for the entire family, setting the stage for live performances, paving the way for festive parades, and even unveiling an entire town dedicated just to kids – attractions that will surely have them tugging at Moms’ shorts to go.

Beyond just amusement, Everland aims to put education in play. The new Kids Village in Magic Land, which opened on April 29 and runs nine times a day, is highlighted by four themed stations: exploration, emotion, thinking, and wisdom. Inside Edu Center, state-of-the-art digital content and books look to develop the creative mind through material designed by leading edutainment company, Woong Jin Think Big. On the second floor, Lenny’s Safety Center provides kids opportunities to simulate real-life emergency situations and learn useful safety drills.

At Everland, the concept of learn-and-play can be found away from books too. On May 2 and 9, Jun Ho Mhun of Super Kids Magic Show will spellbind the audience. But the trickery won’t just leave them befuddled. Visitors can also learn the secret behind the sleight of hand in sessions up-close and even perform magic themselves.

The tangible experience continues where kids can even join the parade – quite literally. Carnival Parade and Moon Light Parade allow visitors to wear costumes of floral princesses and cute animals, and take pictures with the crew in the process. Even more, kids can touch butterflies with keepers, make a wish, and then release the colorful insects into the sky.

For those who prefer experiences out of this world, Everland brings exclusive animation to the big screen that includes an adaptation of the kid’s hit cartoon, Turning Mercard. Inside “Hello Turning Adventure,” related photo zone and gift shop allow kids to bring home a piece of super robot glory. In addition, newly added films Hello Carbot and Sofy Ruby premiere May 3.

 At 4D film zone “Space Tour,” cartoon fans can also experience an enchanted ride with Happy Family, and discover how a witch can turn you into a monster.

To find more detailed information on Everland’s Children’s Day programs, please visit www.everland.com.

Kids Village: Parents delight at their child that plans and learns with tactile pieces designed to develop both left and right parts of your brain.
Lenny’s Safety Center: Kids simulate near-reality evacuation drills and even perform CPR on dummies that can – quite possibly – save lives in the future!
Exclusive Animation Films: Visitors meet their childhood animation heroes from Turning Mercad up-close and personal. Screenings of the exclusive animation, along with Hello Carbot and Sofy Ruby, will also be on display.
Space Tour 4D Theater: Movie goers experience a family transformation gone wrong in the epic animation Happy Family at Everland’s 4D film zone.
Dazzling Parade Participation: Who says you can just watch? Children play dress up to strut their furry tails and floral stuff at the Carnival Parade.
Brilliant Butterflies at Four Seasons Garden: Capture beauty right in the palm of your hands. Visitors at Everland use all their senses, including touch, where the butterflies and their "make a wish" dreams can literally shoot for the skies.
Captivating Live Magic: Kids and parents alike ooh and aah at magician Jun Ho Mhun’s wizardry on the grand stage, and then, behind it, learn all the secrets in magic workshops.
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