Samsung C&T Utilizes Edutainment to Raise Safety Awareness

Modern technology has increased both the speed of information and the intensity of stimulation, which has driven the need to explore new, more engaging ways for youngsters to learn. And today’s children are learning in very different ways than even a generation ago.

With roots tracing back to popular children’s television shows like Sesame Street, Edutainment (education + entertainment) is a contemporary approach to learning that invokes a child’s naturally inquisitive side and one that meshes well with modern lifestyles.

For Samsung C&T’s Resort Group, 40 years of running experiential learning programs at Everland gave rise to the newly opened Lenny’s Safety Center for kids. Samsung C&T’s Engineering and Construction Group also operates a Safety Academy, which is an experiential training center more geared towards professionals working in the construction industry. Let’s take a closer look!

Zone 1 – Fire Evacuation

Here, visitors will be faced with a realistic fire escape scenario where they will be tasked with escaping from a burning building through a dark, smoke-filled maze.

Zone 2 – Emergency Response

In this zone, guests receive advanced CPR training by a registered instructor while practicing the procedure on an educational manikin. These manikins are equipped with a pressure-sensitive chest that’s connected to LED sensors and lights, thus providing learners with a more realistic and hands-on experience.

Zone 3 – Disaster Response Game

At this stop, disasters such as fires, traffic accidents, and infectious diseases are simulated in a PC game where players learn what to do in case of such an event.

Zone 4 – Earthquake Simulation

At the last stop on the tour, visitors can experience simulated earthquakes – ranging from level 3 to 7 on the Richter scale – located inside a room that doubles as an earthquake simulator. Here, guests can feel the power of an earthquake and learn about proper evacuation procedures in case one should strike.

Lenny’s Training Center for All

At Samsung C&T, safety is a core value of the company that drives all business across the 4 groups. Fundamentally speaking, there is no business without first establishing safety. Across the world, safety awareness is on the rise, and so too is safety education at early ages, from elementary schools on through to high schools, and beyond.

From fire evacuation drills and proper handwashing techniques, to teaching children the Heimlich maneuver and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), ‘safety first’ is now a common part of most children’s vernacular. And raising safety awareness in children is an important task that the Resort Group has taken to heart, solidified with the opening of its diverse new safety training facility called Lenny’s Safety Center.

Lenny’s Safety Center launched on March 30th and is open to all Everland visitors on a first come, first serve basis. It has a training capacity of 96 people per hour, but priority is given to groups of students who reserve ahead of time and require safety training.

In addition to the experiential learning, those who successfully complete the training can request a safety education certificate, which is certified by Everland and the Gyeongi Province’s Disaster Safety Authority.

Safety Education is Fun

At Lenny’s Safety Center, children learn these basic life & safety skills alongside their family members in a fun and entertaining fashion. The massive, 500m2 safety training center features several hands-on experiences for people of all ages to boost their knowledge of, and preparedness for, unexpected situations in everyday life.

Keep scrolling down to take a look inside the 4 interactive training zones at Lenny’s Safety Center!

Safety Training is for Everyone

Samsung C&T believes that lifelong safety training and awareness is key. That’s why the company currently operates a robust safety center in Singapore, as well as a comprehensive Safety Academy in Kiheung, Korea.

The main Safety Academy in Korea provides C&T employees, in addition to younger students, simulations of real-life situations on construction sites, teaching them how to prevent accidents such as falls from height, working in confined spaces, dropped objects, fires, and electricity.

Samsung C&T’s safety training efforts have raised on-site safety preparedness levels and overall safety awareness across the company.

Safety is a Way of Life

At Samsung C&T, safety is a core value and part of the moral fabric of the company. The company takes pride in winning several recent safety awards in Singapore and Hong Kong, which recognize the outcomes of our ongoing safety efforts.

The Resort Group’s opening of Lenny’s Safety Center at Everland is just one more example that adds to a long history of the company’s unwavering commitment to safety.

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