Moving forward as one: Samsung C&T’s employees around the world

The last year may stand out as extraordinary for all of us, but Samsung C&T has been able to deal with these unprecedented circumstances based on the resilience it has built up since 1938. The company’s remarkable history has seen it grow from its beginnings as a Korean trading outfit to an ever-expanding global organization with thousands of staff based around the world.

It is noteworthy how certain factors contributing to Samsung C&T’s success have been translated throughout the world. Previously, we looked at the shared values of employees, no matter where they are based. Now, we continue our exploration of what makes Samsung C&T’s staff work as one.

Togetherness: Shared pride in overcoming challenges

When facing and dealing with challenges, a team can become a firm basis of support and a source of pride. Professional Stefan Gao from Samsung C&T’s Shanghai Subsidiary says he has been able to overcome various difficulties thanks to his team members.

In a company that covers more than 40 countries, a team can mean much more than a group of people in just one physical location. Samsung C&T’s employees can get help from all over the globe while also sharing their own capabilities. Professional Victoria Choi from the Mexico Office is well aware of this.

Finding answers to difficult problems sometimes calls for a creative approach as well as teamwork, according to Legal Counsel Cristina Schieda, who has helped ensure the progress of Samsung C&T’s solar power business in North America.

Communication: The power of sharing information

Another factor that ties together Samsung C&T’s employees worldwide is close communication. As strong teamwork comes from understanding each other well, they prioritize communication and make efforts to share as much information as possible. For instance, Professional Hernando Wills from the Bogota Office devotes himself to keeping close communication regardless of time difference.

Not only horizontal communication across regions, but vertical communication beyond positions is also important. Professional Toni Satrio Anggoro from the Jakarta Office considers close communication to be one of the vital qualifications for a good leader, which is his career goal.

In his position as Slovakia Coil Center production team leader, Professional Lubos Jagelka also always pays attention to communication as he delivers his knowledge and expertise to team members.

Gratitude: Appreciation leads to determination

Expressing gratitude is also a great way to encourage team spirit, establishing bonds that lead to a company’s success. Professional Emmanual Bremang from the Accra Office shows his appreciation to colleagues and the company as well as his determination to reach higher achievements.

Everyone wants to meet and work with good people. Professional Juan Ling Zheng from the Singapore Subsidiary expresses gratitude that she has found them in her workplace, pledging to make an even better contribution to the company.

It is a truly global theme then that appreciation drives forward Samsung C&T’s employees. For Professional Guoping Bao from the SPSS, being thankful and getting better at your job go hand in hand.

There is no time limit on this kind of attitude, either. Professional Stanley Choi from the SCTA Brand Infra Team, who has worked for more than a decade at Samsung C&T, also sends thanks to his colleagues.

Togetherness, close communication, and gratitude – it is easy to see how these flow together to create positive working relationships and success. And if these shared characteristics can remain strong during times of adversity, just imagine what is possible going forward.

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