Enjoy the thrills and excitement of Everland from the comfort of home!

We all need a break from the everyday, but when we can’t travel, we can still take a quick trip to some place nice without leaving the safety of our own homes.

Virtual tours are catching on all over the world, with people visiting places they have never been or returning to locations they miss. Everland, Korea’s largest theme park, is an excellent location for a virtual summer getaway. Here you can not only enjoy some of the rides, you can also meet some cute and wild animals.

Take rides and go on safari with just a click

Everland, which turns 45 years old this year, has so much to offer from charming, atmospheric architecture to beautiful foliage and flowers, wildlife from all around the world, exciting attractions, and rides. It’s almost hard to know where to begin.

But let’s start with the park’s most thrilling ride. A trip to Everland would not be complete without a ride on T-Express, the first wooden roller coaster in Korea and only the third in Asia. The first drop plunges you from roughly the same height as Niagara Falls — 56 meters up — at a steep 77-degree angle. The ride continues for a over dizzying three minutes of high speed and shocking turns.

If that’s not enough fun for you, go on Everland’s Thunder Falls ride. The flowing water of this classic log flume carries you through a number of curves and up a railway track before splashing down again. You can experience the thrills and spills without getting your clothes wet.

One watery ride may not be sufficient on a hot day. Everland’s Zootopia has Amazon Express, which takes you on a trip through the Amazon rainforest on a round raft. As you rush between the trees on the rapid water, the stream’s buffeting turns you round and round. If this virtual ride is too fast or slow for your taste, you can adjust the speed controls of the video player to get it just right.


Staying in Zootopia, our next stop is Ppuppa Town, a zoo in the forest. First opened in April last year, this 8,600-square-meter area is home to around 30 species of animals. Here we follow one of the local capybaras. As the world’s largest rodent, capybaras are placid and also very friendly. Watch as the well-disposed and curious capybara saunters through every corner of Ppuppa Town, interacting with other residents such as an alpaca, a two-toed tree sloth, and a wallaby.

Click the CC button on the video player for English subtitles.

After spending time with animal friends on the trail of the hungry but vegetarian capybara, you might now be ready to meet some wilder beasts of prey aboard the brand new Safari World tram. On this tour you have not only a front seat but unobstructed views through all the floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you a clear vision of every lion and tiger the tram drives past.

Use your finger on your phone screen or computer mouse to turn in all directions. Did you just pass a lion and want to look back at it? On this ride, you can. And if you have a virtual reality headset that connects to your phone, you can also take the trip in VR mode, only needing to move your head to look around.

Wrapping up the tour, this overflight takes you up high so that you can see the classic old-world architecture, some of the rides, and down low to check out the nighttime light show of the park. You will also spot video footage of cute baby panda Fu Bao on large LED screens.

We hope you had fun on this virtual visit to Everland. Next time, put the Caribbean Bay water park on your itinerary!

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