Butterflies and a big bunny welcome the Year of the Rabbit at Everland

Few animals arouse a sense of peace and wonder in humans as much as bunny rabbits and butterflies. The cuteness of a hopping, sniffing, nibbling rabbit and the beauty and gracefulness of a hovering butterfly have almost magical effects on the viewer, especially young children.

To celebrate 2023 as the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, Samsung C&T Resort Group has brought both bunnies and butterflies together at Korea’s premier theme park Everland.

The big bunny has landed

Visitors to Everland will come upon a giant rabbit as tall as a 5-story building right next to the Magic Tree that resembles an oversize piece of broccoli. This big bunny has been dubbed “Rabbig,” a melding of “rabbit” with “big.” The sculpture was especially created by Everland to wish for the health and happiness of visitors to Everland in 2023, the Year of the Rabbit.

There is no doubt: 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit.

Despite its 15-meter height, Rabbig somehow manages to stay cute, which might be thanks to its half-closed eyes giving it a peaceful, beatific look. Besides, Rabbig’s velvety skin gives it a soft, furry feel, like a plush toy, and its color, “digital lavender,” which happens to be the hue of the year selected by WGSN(Global Trend Analysis Company), radiates feelings of stability and tranquility, and offers a message of hope and healing.

Rabbig is already attracting visitors who want to take commemorative photos in front of its giant rabbit’s feet.

“Rabbig,” the big bunny in digital lavender, is a good spot to take a selfie.

Butterflies beside the Bunny

Right beside Rabbig, the super-sized rabbit, is the Live Butterfly Experience Center, which opened Jan. 6, where visitors can observe about 5,000 of these flying insects every day until May. There are five types of butterflies, including long-tailed swallow, gray-veined white, and common grass yellow, fluttering gently through an indoor flower garden.

In the Live Butterfly Experience Center, visitors can spend time with these wonders of nature.

On the way in to meet the butterflies in person, visitors have a chance to enjoy the atmosphere that tells the story of Rabbig the giant rabbit and a butterfly fairy setting off on an adventure together to find “spring energy.” Cutting edge techniques have been used to give the experience a truly dreamy and fantastic quality.

Visitors can watch Rabbig and a butterfly fairy set off on an adventure to find spring energy in a special experience.

There is much to be learned at the Live Butterfly Experience Center, too. There are participatory educational programs that teach about the natural environment. And zookeepers hold storytelling sessions frequently to explain to audiences the life cycle and feeding habits of these beautiful flying insects.


The Live Butterfly Experience Center resembles a magical indoor garden.

After that, visitors can take photos with the butterflies wearing hats decorated with flowers, experience the giant coloring wall, and try out the vending machine that analyze visitors’ preferences and recommends a butterfly best matching them.

For more information, visit Everland’s official website.

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