Everland’s five themed gardens bring pleasure to all five senses

Many good things come in fives. Humans have five senses, fingers and toes, some types of cherry blossoms have five petals, the Olympic Games have five rings — and there are five wonderful gardens inside Everland, Korea’s premier theme park. Those gardens are a gift to all five senses.

This is one of the many reasons why spring is an excellent time to visit Everland, to drink in the sensual beauty of the Four Seasons Garden, the Rose Garden, the Music Garden, Sky Garden Trail, and Forest Camp. It has of course long been known that walking in a forest or spending time around plants can have positive, healing effects on the human body.

After the pandemic, when so many people spent a lot of time at home, there was an explosion in the number of people who wanted to get out and be among nature. The concept of a “forest vacation,” taking a break from everyday life to seek solace among the trees, became popular. In fact, the Korea Forest Service revealed that over 32 million people in Korea, over three quarters of the nation’s adult population, took a walk through a forest at least once a month.

This trend is showing itself across different age groups. Young people, members of the MZ generation, are rushing to green spaces to enjoy nature and take lots of photos and videos for social media. So let’s learn a little more about what makes Everland’s five gardens special.

Four Seasons Garden

The Four Seasons Garden has been part of Everland since the theme park opened in 1976. It received a complete renewal in 1996, and now, as its name suggests, it shows a different floral face to visitors each season. In spring, this 10,000-square-meter garden is full of tulips and other seasonal blooms.

In the Four Seasons Garden, which also features a giant LED screen, visitors can enjoy pleasant experiences through all five senses and take many memorable photos.

Rose Garden

Everland’s Rose Garden is an impressive 20,000 square meters in size, divided into four zones, and holds 720 varieties of rose. Millions of the romance-themed blossoms are the heart of the annual Rose Festival, usually held in May. This Festival, held since 1985, was Korea’s first such event.

A special series of roses developed by Everland called Everrose are heat- and cold-resistant, as well as fast-flowering, so they are especially suited to the Korean climate. Over the years, no fewer than 24 varieties of Everrose have been created. They can be found at Everland’s Rose Garden, a proud part of the theme park since its opening in 1976.

Music Garden

It is not only humans that like music; plants are said to enjoy music too, and gardeners play different types of music to their flora. Not only that, but some even talk to their plants, like the United Kingdom’s King Charles, for example.

First opened in 2016, the Music Garden brings music together with plants in a harmonious treat for the eyes and ears. About 8,000 trees, bushes, and shrubs of 100 species grow in a spiral-shaped garden. Classical music and other appropriate tunes are played through speakers along the 370-meter walking trail. Visitors are welcome to talk to the flowers and trees while enjoying the melodies of the 3,000-square-meter Music Garden.

Sky Garden Trail

Measuring more than 30,000-square-meter, the Sky Garden Trail was made available to the public in 2019, as the first plum blossom themed-garden located close to the Korean capital area. Featuring around 700 plum trees of 13 different types, it is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and surround oneself with nature. This is a concept known in some Asian languages as “forest bathing.”

Since March 15, visitors have been able to experience Sky Garden Trail without having to purchase a ticket for Everland. Using the new special ticket just for Sky Garden Trail, about 10,000 people have already come to see the peak of plum blossom season in late March. Visitors were happy with the option to come and surround themselves with nature and walk through the trees and flowers.

Forest Camp

For the most immersive experience of natural healing, the Forest Camp is just the place. This 90,000-square-meter natural ecological experience center is located near Everland. This private forest offers trekking courses where visitors can marvel at the 340,000 trees and plants that show the beauty of Mother Nature in all four seasons. At the giant pond in the middle, there are aquatic plants and strange insects.

Family groups and corporate outings alike make good use of the multi-purpose grass field and outdoor performance space for yoga, meditation, barbecue parties, or workplace training sessions.

From the heritage spaces the Four Seasons and Rose Garden that have existed for decades to the newer Music Garden, Sky Garden Trail, and the Forest Camp, each has its own unique characteristics, themes, and stories, and each offers visitors new and healing experiences with nature.

Amid changes in leisure culture and demographic structure, Samsung C&T Resort Group has resolved to continue to strengthen Everland’s gardens as an attraction that appears to a diverse customer base, offering healing and peace of mind.

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