Telling stories about human culture through construction

Every building tells a story. Some of the most interesting stories are told by buildings that serve cultural purposes. Houses and apartments tell the stories of home life, and offices and factories tell the stories of work life, while cultural spaces tell of the rich variety of experiences that humans enjoy when they are not at home or work.

Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group contributes to culture and society by creating such spaces that tell such stories.

Stories of hello and goodbye

Airports are vibrant hubs where cultures converge. Every day, thousands of people meet or say farewell here as someone arrives in or departs from a country. From the diverse languages spoken to international cuisine sampled, airports showcase the richness of human diversity. Travelers bring their customs, traditions, and stories, creating a tapestry of cultural exchange. Airports serve as gateways to new destinations and as crossroads of human interaction, creating stories about connections.

Korea’s premier airport, Incheon International, consists of two terminals and many runways. Currently, construction is ongoing to expand Terminal 2 and add another runway, and plans have already been announced to refurbish and expand it more in the near future.

Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport is another thriving hub of international travel, servicing tens of millions of passengers a year. And in Bangladesh there is the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, which last year saw 17 million passengers making their hellos or goodbyes. At both these airports, new terminals are currently under construction to cope with growing numbers of travelers. In each of these projects, Samsung C&T E&C Group is playing a key role.

Stories of rest and play

Hotels and playgrounds are human relaxation culture flourishes. Each guest and visitor brings their own stories and styles, enriching the environment. In bustling lobbies and relaxing lounges, hotels serve as melting pots where connections are made, friendships are formed, and memories are shared. Similarly, playgrounds offer children and families a space to create lasting memories, bond with others, and engage in recreational activities.

In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city, the Shangri-La Hotel and mixed-use Shangri-La Center house a hotel, residential apartments, retail, and commercial space. The construction project manager for this important cultural space, the tallest structure in the country, which hosts events and international conferences, was Samsung C&T E&C Group.

Shangri-La Hotel and Shangri-La Center in Ulaanbaatar are the tallest skyscrapers in Mongolia

The Anytime playground at the Raemian One Bailey apartment complex in Seoul recently won the internationally prestigious Red Dot Design Award for creating a space where children can play regardless of the weather. Covers above the play equipment provide shade on hot days and shelter from the rain on wet days.

Stories of culture and nature

Exhibition spaces and parks both serve as vital spaces for the expression and appreciation of human culture. Exhibition spaces showcase diverse collections, from artworks to industrial designs, providing platforms for creators to share their stories with the world through the eyes of visitors. Meanwhile, parks offer tranquil escapes amidst bustling urban landscapes, inviting people to connect with nature and each other. Together, exhibition spaces and parks contribute to the tapestry of human culture, offering spaces for reflection, inspiration, and connection.

In the heart of Seoul, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) has become a true cultural hub since opening in 2014. With its architecture and construction showcasing a groundbreaking design while maximizing interior space, DDP regularly hosts exhibitions that draw tens of thousands of visitors.

The Raemian Gallery shows off the best and newest concepts in apartment living, surrounded by art, all in a beautiful building. Samsung C&T E&C Group constructed both of these significant galleries.

As for parks, Samsung C&T E&C Group converted two former agricultural reservoirs into Suwon’s ecological Gwanggyo Lake Park, the largest lake park in Korea that is beloved by local residents.

Stories of sports and concerts

Stadiums host a variety of cultural activities, including sports events. They therefore serve as dynamic hubs for cultural expression and story generation. These iconic venues bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate sports, music, and entertainment on a grand scale. In this way, stadiums play a central role in fostering cultural appreciation and community connection.

Constructed by Samsung C&T E&C Group in preparation for the 2002 Soccer World Cup, the Suwon World Cup Stadium can seat almost 44,000 spectators. As well as being home to the K League soccer team Suwon Samsung Bluewings, it also serves as a venue for music festivals and concerts.

The Suwon World Cup Stadium

Whether exploring vibrant cultures at airports, relaxing at hotels, having fun in playgrounds, engaging with creativity in galleries, exhibition spaces, and parks, or enjoying dynamic events in stadiums, cultural spaces reflect the richness and diversity of human stories. Samsung C&T E&C Group’s innovative construction of cultural facilities further enhances these environments, fostering connection, understanding, and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of human experience.

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