Put on your cardigan: It’s time for ‘grandpa core’!

Hold on to your cardigans, because “grandpa core” is here. Last year’s fashion trends included a lot of “cores,” from balletcore to Barbiecore, and much more in between. Some of the most popular cores tap into a vein of vintage style and nostalgia. This year, dressing in a way inspired by older men is extending that retro trend, adding a touch of eccentricity to carefree authenticity.

Put simply, “grandpa core” means wearing something comfortable that a grandfather might wear. You don’t have to be old, or even a man, to enjoy grandpa core: It’s open to everybody. “Grandpacore” is a retro style that pursues classic and vintage fashion, a modern re-interpretation of old fashion that a grandfather might wear and features colorful hues and comfortable materials.  Let’s look at some aspects of this trend.

Youthful vibe

Grandpacore is when you look like you took something out of your grandfather’s closet to wear. This new style, which has an old-fashioned feel at the same time, is loved by celebrities as well as influencers, and is attracting fashionista attention. It’s easy to use as you can complete styling with simple items that you already have and clothes from your grandparents. It’s not too flashy, so it’s easy to create a daily look. Of course, just completing a grandfather-like style doesn’t mean that you’re done. To complete the trendy look, you need to have a fresh and youthful feel too.

Knitted textiles

The key feel of grandpa core is comfort. You rarely see granddads on the street dressed in tight uniforms and starched collars. That’s because an older gentleman has decided that feeling comfortable is important. Therefore, many items in the grandpa core trend are made of knitted textiles with a textured look and feel. Fisherman’s rib, cable knit, honeycomb knit and basket weave are particularly popular types of knitted textiles used in sweaters and cardigans worn by individuals of all ages, including grandfathers. These patterns not only provide warmth and insulation but also add texture and visual interest to the garments, making them versatile and stylish choices for everyday wear.


The Argyle pattern of repeating diamonds or lozenges is an old staple of grandpa cardigans, socks, sweaters, and vests. But that’s not the only type of pattern often found in grandpa core clothing: there is also houndstooth, Fair Isle, and wavy stripes. These timeless patterns add texture and visual interest to garments, creating a nostalgic and cozy aesthetic beloved by grandpas and people who want to dress up in grandpa core. Additionally, simple stripes, checks, and plaids are also popular choices, offering a versatile and understated look for everyday wear.


Cardigans hold a special place in the realm of grandpa core fashion, often as the quintessential garment synonymous with timeless style and comfort. It’s not uncommon to find grandpa core dressers with a diverse array of cardigans adorning their closets. From classic shawl collars to sleek designs without collars, the variety of cardigans knows no bounds. Whether closing with traditional buttons or sporting a modern zip-up closure, cardigans offer a range of options to suit every style. Embracing both figure-hugging silhouettes and oversize fits, they provide a sense of ease and comfort that transcends generations. With their effortlessly chic appeal and unmatched versatility, cardigans remain a wardrobe staple that everybody, regardless of age, can rely on for both style and comfort.

So, if you are feeling the retro vibe this spring and you want to rock a vintage look, take a look at what snappy-dressing grandfathers are wearing when they dress to impress. It might inspire you to expand your wardrobe with some cool grandpa core fashion items.

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