At Everland, Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Why do people find roses so captivating? Maybe it’s because they’re both delicate and strong, showing beauty even in tough times. Or perhaps it’s their lovely smell that people are attracted to, a small that causes us to feel love and excitement. Either way, roses are a symbol of love and mystery that people have admired for centuries.

For the next month, millions of roses will be on show at the annual Everland Rose Festival, drawing visitors from all directions to marvel at the sights and smells of these beautiful blooms. And with Everland’s new Garden Pass, people can enjoy the theme park’s various gardens to their heart’s delight.

Rows and rows of roses

Until June 16, Everland’s famous Rose Festival is in full swing. Having started as Korea’s first rose festival almost 40 years ago, it has been copied and has inspired more than 70 similar festivals. This year, no fewer than 3 million roses of 720 different varieties are showing off their beauty. Some of those varieties have been created in Everland: the Everrose series. Two years ago, one of these took home 4 prizes in an international rose competition.

Visitors are of course encouraged to take photos of the romantic roses and there are many attractive photo zones set up for that purpose decorated with large teacups, flower carts, and, suspended in the air, flower pots and rose tunnels. Everland’s own photography expert recommended taking pictures in Victoria Garden against the backdrop of the rose castle or looking over the Rose Garden from below the gift shop.

For those who want to “space out,” there is the Bubble Meong Jeon, a large air-filled dome, where you can breathe in pleasant scents and experience your surroundings with all five senses.

Everland’s most rosy garden

Everland’s Rose Garden in 2022 became the first Korean rose garden to receive the Award of Garden Excellence at the World Rose Convention. The Rose Garden is divided into four parts: Victoria, Venus, Cupid, and Miro. In these four themed gardens, three million roses are on display. Among them there are varieties from around the world, such as Port Sunlight from the United Kingdom, New Dawn from the United States, and Peace from France.

Since 2013, Everland has bred 30 different types of Everrose and has submitted patent applications for them. In the Victoria Garden, all the domestic Everrose varieties developed by Everland can be seen in the “Everrose Collection Zone.” The Perfume Everscape variety of Everrose won international awards in 2022.

For those who are interested in visiting Everland’s various gardens, such as the K-Rose Garden and the Four Seasons Garden now decorated with Sanrio Characters like Hello Kitty, Everland plans to release a special Garden Pass from the end of May to early June that will allow visitors to freely move about Everland’s gardens.

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