The values that unite Samsung C&T employees worldwide

As Samsung C&T marks its 82nd anniversary, it is a moment to reflect on just how far the company has come since it opened up as a trading entity in South Korea all those years ago.

Within Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group, there are staff placed throughout 45 countries in about 90 offices, but as we shall see, they are still part of the same living and breathing organization regardless of the various business departments they work in – whether petrochemicals in the United States or steel in the United Arab Emirates.

So, we might naturally ask, what makes all these employees connect and move together as a company?

The value of good teamwork

Firstly, cooperation among team members and between global offices is essential for Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group to be effective as an international company.

A vibrant, communicative workplace can also be a place to develop both personally and as a team, according to Professional Suhee Park, who works in the petrochemicals business with Samsung C&T Americas’ Industrial Materials Team.

Another common theme felt among staff is the strength of the bonds that they build, which motivates employees to do their best for each other. This point is highlighted by the experience of Senior Professional Huynh Tan Tai from the Chemical & Natural Resources Team at the company’s C&T’s Ho Chi Minh Office.

Meanwhile, at Samsung C&T’s Malaysia Coil Center, Senior Professional Sung-Il Kim shares in this sense of camaraderie, underscoring the shared experience of staff across the world.

The value of the right attitude

Another key feature among Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group employees is their shared positive attitude. Fostering the right approach to work keeps the company’s various teams all moving in the right direction.

It sounds simple but how do the staff put this mindset into practice? Senior Professional Diego Zapatel from the Lima Office has a formula for all circumstances, which he shares with new employees when he leads orientations by presenting the culture of the company and how it handles projects.

Not everyone finds a confident attitude right away. Take the example of Professional Satoshi Takaki, who works for Samsung C&T in Japan. As a member of Industrial Materials Team, he struggled to find his feet when he joined the company in 2018, but changed his attitude thanks to some encouragement.

The value of building expertise

Having the ambition to go further and build expertise is also important, as motivation is a key ingredient in any endeavor. Naturally, the details of expertise may vary from place to place, but the overall meaning and feeling of accomplishment remains the same.

Professional Jeen Joseph works in the Dubai Office’s Steel Team since 2016. He gathers knowledge in order to become an expert in his business.

As for the Shanghai Office’s Industrial Materials Team, Professional Ling Jin says she also finds an advantage in watching closely – but she means the workings of the business around her rather than the wider market.

These seven employees are among thousands of colleagues. They may be separated by continents, but they make up for that geographic divide with a united attitude and purpose. By moving together, the Samsung C&T family maintains its identity throughout the world, and strives for success in unison.`

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