‘Untact’ but undiscouraged: Traders in the new normal

As the world continues to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world have had to get used to doing business in a physically distanced way. South Korea has even come up with the term “untact” to describe this contactless trend, which has been getting global attention.

Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group has thousands of staff working across 45 countries. So, let’s find out how the company’s traders have been handling overseas sales in this untact era given all the restrictions on travel and face-to-face meetings.

Adjusting to the untact way

One of the most immediate issues that international traders face in this contactless era is holding meetings with colleagues and partners in various parts of the world across different time zones. While this was a factor before COVID-19, it has become a daily concern during a period when meetings have to be held remotely.

The company’s Infra Group, which is in charge of business related to infrastructure like hospitals and schools, is also having to adapt.

To have meetings in a contactless way, traders focus more on preparation because they have to make sure things go smoothly when there are less chances for contact than before.

Communication remains key

The idea that traders “now have to get results with one phone call” underscores the wider point that communication is as important as ever during this new normal.

Sensitivity to counterparts’ needs and circumstances is vital when it comes to contactless communication.

In other words, it is important to keep the “spirit of contact” as well as business manners when maintaining untact communication.

Seeking silver linings

Finding “new opportunities” even during this challenging year has become a common theme for Samsung C&T traders. This is possible in part because of the company’s global reach.

If you cannot go to the office, sometimes the next best thing is using the eyes and ears of a colleague based overseas.

Samsung C&T’s Bangkok subsidiary has successfully secured new partners this year through global collaboration. Despite multiple obstacles, the staff there set about gathering information about customer companies and counterparts from all possible angles.

Samsung C&T traders are known for their adaptability, but this reputation has really been tested this year. Yet, they have proven themselves worthy of the tag. Based on a combination of local efforts, global collaboration, and trust, the company has found opportunities in a crisis.

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