The attitude of gratitude connecting Samsung C&T’s global employees

If there is one attitude that runs through all of Samsung C&T’s offices across the world, it is gratitude. As the company marks its 84th anniversary, having built its reputation on the efforts of dedicated employees, we celebrate Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group’s most important asset: Its people!

All employees of Samsung C&T, which has more than 70 bases in 40 countries, are moving in one direction to grow Samsung C&T in their respective positions. In particular, Samsung C&T’s tremendous sense of teamwork, which is a common feature of Samsung C&T’s employees around the world from the U.S. to China, Turkey to Kenya, and Malaysia to Japan, is a great competitive edge. Let’s travel around the world to hear from them in their own words.

North America: Thriving on making a difference

We start our journey at the USA, we find Esther Weon, who has impressed all her colleagues with her strong sense of responsibility, which has in turn helped foster the trust of customers. These attributes really shone when global logistics plunged into a crisis last year, and the importance of working relationships became even more apparent. For Esther, passion for the job is what drives her. And she is grateful that she works in an environment where that is valued.

Another member of the USA is Kim Soo-jin, who is naturally focused on people because her work relates to hiring. Of course, the Great Resignation has been a big issue in her region over the last year, with so many millions of people leaving their jobs on a monthly basis. As she has persevered through this difficult time, her efforts have helped to ensure that talented staff are best placed to thrive within the company, and she has felt the gratitude of others.

Turkey & Kenya: Support and expertise

Jumping across the globe to Turkey, we find Yanki Ekinci, who works for Samsung C&T’s Istanbul Office. His steely determination is fitting because his professional focus is steel, but he also recognizes the importance of a support structure.

Remaining hungry enough to seek expertise is also a major ingredient in Samsung C&T’s success stories. Jackson Mutua, who is based in the Nairobi Office, is grateful for the inspiration he finds all around him.

China: Nothing without a team

It is clear that even individual achievements are found within the context of team successes. And this is a point that has been really grasped over at China, where we find Cathy Yang in the Shanghai Office.

Staying with Samsung C&T’s Precision Stainless Steel in Pinghu, China, Yueliang Lu is another employee who sets an example for others to follow through his positive approach to work and sense of responsibility. But he is quick to point to the efforts of others.

Malaysia & Japan: Humility and paying it forward

Southeast Asia is another hub of trading activity of Samsung C&T. At the KL Subsidiary, Mohd Nadri Bin Ramli meticulously goes the extra mile to ensure all contracts are carried out stably. Still, he finds strength in his colleagues.

And last but certainly not least, we find Kaneko Asuka in Japan. She faced considerable challenges when corporate customers and suppliers asked that delivery schedules be strictly met. While she has overcome difficulties by taking the lead in managing tasks based on her risk management skills, she shows humility.

Overall, we are witnessing the power of gratitude among these various Samsung C&T staff members. Regardless of national boundaries, it is a force that leads to a genuine desire for cooperation, improved morale, and a greater chance of success.

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