Dressing up for work now an endemic phenomenon

At last, it seems the world has largely turned the corner on COVID-19, which is transitioning from pandemic to endemic status. Most countries have ended or eased social distancing measures.

One of the biggest changes to the approach to the endemic is that office workers are returning to their offices. We will now meet up with colleagues at work again and hang out with friends after work. This means that people’s interest in clothes for going out is increasing.

Of course, going back into the office may give us some pressure. Then, how about lifting our mood while going to work with a stylish wardrobe? This can be an opportunity to make a new change in our closets, which have been the same for over two years. Let’s find an office look that allows for variation depending on the mood and situation of the day.

Formally speaking, it suits you

The most classic type of office wear is the business suit, and what could be more classic than a black two-piece single-breasted look? Every office worker has at least a classic suit. And whether with a suit or less formal wear, a pair of matching pants and jacket can be found in almost every man or woman’s wardrobe.

In the era of Zoom conferences and video calls, formal office clothing was not frequent, but now that workers are starting to see the inside of an office building or meeting room once more, they want to look their best.


On days of important meetings, classic suits are perfect. By wearing a suit we will be seen as more professional and trustworthy people.

Let’s get rid of the prejudice that suits are uncomfortable because they feel hard and heavy! Loose and casual suits are also popular these days, and by wearing these casual suits, you can create a more stylish and chic mood.


Getting into the weekend mood early

After the endemic, you can spend more time with your co-workers or friends outside the office. Especially on Friday evening, many office workers can relieve stress by going out with friends they couldn’t meet during the week.

However, just because your Friday plan is around the corner doesn’t mean you have to reveal your party mood at work. Here is a suggestion of a simple styling tip that can transform an ordinary workplace daily look into a fiery Friday look.

Let’s create a chic style that seems to be dressed up but not too dressed up for colorful fun after work. A black jumpsuit gives a neat feeling like an office look at the office while creating an urban and sophisticated image outside. Alternatively, it is also good to layer a short-sleeved shirt and a cute sleeveless dress.

Men can consider a striped shirt that feels cool and neat rather than a solid plain one. It can create a younger and more vivid atmosphere. In addition, slacks with a relaxed fit and short hem line suit the casual Friday atmosphere rather than regular suit pants, and help you enjoy the weekend atmosphere earlier.

Date night? Dress right!

After COVID-19, things are slowly heading back to normal and people are dating outside again. More and more office workers are meeting special people after work, going to a nice restaurant for dinner or going to a movie theater.

 If you are an office worker who has to go to a date right after work due to your busy daily life, you should find items that are good for an office look and date look at the same time. Here are some date look styles for office workers who can wear it properly on special days for special people.

A cute tweed jacket and miniskirt can give a lovely feeling. It can also be good to show off your feminine and elegant charm with a long dress.

On a more casual date, you may try a cardigan. Cardigans, which can be worn easily regardless of body type, are good items to give other people a comfortable feeling, and you can even score extra points by taking it off and giving it to your date on a chilly night. Also, if you will enjoy an atmospheric date in a more formal place, you can match it with a checkered jacket rather than a normal monochrome suit jacket to create a trendy and sophisticated atmosphere.

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