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Getting to know Hydrogen, Part 1

Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, is seen as a key part of limiting global warming The green hydrogen market is already growing rapidly in line with falling production cost Samsung C&T has already signed several green hydrogen cooperation agreements As global energy demands continue to weigh on the world,

Getting to know Stainless Steel

At a glance Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and chromium – but there are over 100 types In addition to its many advantages that benefit various applications, stainless steel is 100% recyclable Samsung C&T operates stainless steel production plants Look around the average home and you’re bound

How a trading company can achieve solar success

At a glance Together with wind energy, solar power could generate nearly 70% of the world’s electricity by 2050 Solar project development requires years of patience, negotiations, and the careful assessment of risk factors Samsung C&T continues to grow its solar project development business in the U.S. and plans to

Tides of supply and demand: Carrying LNG where it’s needed

At a glance LNG has become “the most geopolitically important fuel” recently The size and scope of LNG shipping has soared since the 20th century Samsung C&T is involved in the LNG business through joint venture investments and agency Few commodity markets have attracted attention quite like liquefied natural gas

Breaking through the headwinds of 2023

If there’s one word that summarizes fears for the global economy 2023, it’s “recession.” While some analysts see a global recession as inevitable due to various international shocks, others are finding reasons for optimism once we reach the second half of the year – including ebbing inflation, slowing rate hikes,

The role of machine learning in trading

You may have heard data being referred to as the new gold or perhaps even the new oil, as it’s clear that companies around the world are considering data as a vital commodity. Data can be very useful for trading companies because using data the right way can help them

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