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More than just a home: community space improves the quality of life

Have you ever seen an apartment complex with a book café where you can read beside a beautiful view, a swimming pool, golf driving range, and even an art gallery? These days apartment buildings have transcended the provision of housing and now offer learning facilities, shared rest areas and places

Quiet is the new luxury

“Quiet is the New Loud”. Now everybody is talking about a new trend: Quiet is the new luxury. Quiet luxury is everywhere these days, from celebrity paparazzi stories , through interior decorating advice , and to the most recent New York Fashion Week . But what exactly is quiet luxury?

Sowing and harvesting at Everland’s autumn festival

Why is autumn so popular? Surely it must be two main things: the cooler weather and all the bright colors. Both remind of us the circle of life and are things best enjoyed and celebrated in the moment. Everland celebrates autumn harvest time with its Happy Thanksgiving Festival.One place to

Samsung C&T’s deal to expand solar power presence in the U.S.

At a glance Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group agrees to new deal to develop 15 solar power and Energy Storage System projects in the U.S. Combined power capacity to reach 3 gigawatts, enough to cover annual demand for 600,000 American households Total land area of 6,100 acres, the size

Study these outfits to look good at school

Summer vacation is over, and children and students of all ages are going back to school. A new school semester always brings with it new opportunities and challenges – Who will teach me? Will I enjoy the classes? What will I wear to school? When we think of back-to-school outfits,

Getting to know renewable energy

At a glance The world’s renewable electricity capacity is set to rise faster than ever before in 2024 Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group’s renewable energy business areas include solar and wind, while it is also active in the field of green hydrogen The company’s commitment to sustainability also includes

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