Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Qatar’s circle bridges make new city Lusail dazzle

Qatar, host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is also home to two of the world’s most striking and unique bridges. Let’s learn about the world’s first circular-pylon suspension bridges constructed by Samsung C&T in the new Qatari coastal city of Lusail, located about 23 kilometers north of the capital

Making the fabs that make semiconductors

In almost all electronic devices we use these days, from smartphones that help us in daily life to spacecraft that are considered the pinnacle of science, semiconductors are required to function. The growing importance of semiconductors is shown by the solid and impressive revenue growth from sales in the last

Climbing high safely with construction cranes

You cannot build a tall structure without a device to lift heavy objects to great heights. The most common such device is a crane, something that people have used for eons to lift things higher than human arms can reach, and to move things heavier than human hands can carry.

The rise of the robots in the world of construction

The arrival of robots and automated technology on construction sites is no longer science fiction. Their adoption in the building industry solves several issues at once: They increase work efficiency, improve the working environment, make construction less labor intensive, and reduce environmental impact. Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group is

Standing strong in the storm: High buildings in high winds

Climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events like typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes. These strong winds buffet buildings large and small. In fact, for high-rise structures that tower 250 meters or taller, or have 50 stories or more, winds can have a stronger effect than earthquakes. How can skyscrapers

Samsung C&T is serious about safety of construction sites around the world

With the climate crisis and the growing importance of energy security, investment in green power infrastructure is increasing. Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy resources. In 2021, solar energy, together with wind, accounted for 10.3% of worldwide electrical generation. In 2021, 168 Gigawatts (GW) of new

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