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Trading & Investment

The attitude of gratitude connecting Samsung C&T’s global employees

If there is one attitude that runs through all of Samsung C&T’s offices across the world, it is gratitude. As the company marks its 84th anniversary, having built its reputation on the efforts of dedicated employees, we celebrate Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group’s most important asset: Its people! All employees

Passion & Expertise: How trading companies overcome uncertainty

Any team is more likely to succeed with a sense of unity, but it’s often easier to speak about fostering genuine togetherness than to put it into action. This is the story of the Gas Group within Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group, which achieved success by strengthening trust in

Soaring sustainability: cleaning up aviation fuel

After COVID-19 wiped out 15 years of global air passenger capacity growth, there have been continued signs of the aviation industry’s recovery. In fact, global passenger and air cargo traffic is expected to increase 4 percent per year until 2040. The trouble is, planes have an outsize impact on climate change

Why interest in battery recycling’s soaring alongside electric vehicles

It’s been an incredible last few months for electric vehicles (EVs), as global sales more than doubled from 2020 to reach 4.5 million last year – all the more impressive considering general car sales have been so subdued during the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, EVs are gaining popularity as the world tries to

The fertilizer crisis behind those soaring food prices

Among all the numbers we met in 2021, one of the most serious for the world was the price of food. The UN’s benchmark food and commodity prices index shows that we saw a 28.1% jump from 2020 – a 10-year high. Normally prices would stabilize as production rises to meet demand,

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