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Trading & Investment

Samsung C&T’s agreement to strengthen the clean hydrogen value chain

Amid growing interest in the hydrogen economy as a clean alternative to fossil fuels, Samsung C&T has taken another step towards building its related portfolio. The company’s Trading & Investment Group signed an agreement with shipping company KSS Line on Nov. 10 that will see them cooperate on a key

E10: How ethanol’s cleaning up gasoline

At a glance More countries around the world are embracing E10 fuel E10 is unleaded gasoline that contains up to 10% ethanol Driven by E10, the ethanol market is set for significant growth Amid an energy crisis and soaring fuel prices across the world this year, there has been increasing

The rubber replacement that won over the world: Polyurethane

The global polyurethane market was recently described as a USD 100 billion opportunity, driven by demand for various applications, including furniture and building insulation. Moreover, this material itself is continuing to evolve. For instance, there are ongoing exciting developments with the creation of biodegradable polyurethane. But what is polyurethane and

Green hydrogen to the rescue?

With the world going from one global energy crisis to another, there have been heightened calls this year to accelerate the energy transition towards renewable sources. One of the most promising sources of energy in this transition could be hydrogen. As we previously addressed, green hydrogen in particular is seen

Rechargeable batteries: First use to full charge

With the rapid electrification of the world around us, we might overlook the way our portable and wireless devices get their power and how they are able to recharge. From smaller gadgets like Bluetooth earbuds and smartphones to larger ones such as electric vehicles and satellites, many of the products

Thinking inside the box: Shipping standards

Following one enormous hurdle after another since the outbreak of COVID-19, supply chains have continued to face major challenges. At the center of many supply chain battles is the shipping container — of which there are over 20 million crossing the globe at any time. Supply disruptions have led to

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