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How fuel cells will drive a clean future

With the world seeking to embrace hydrogen as a clean energy solution, interest in hydrogen fuel – and therefore fuel cells in particular – is gathering pace. Fuel cell technology plays a key role in the utilization stage of the hydrogen economy, which is divided into production, storage, transfer, and utilization

Samsung C&T to collaborate on clean energy with S-OIL

Samsung C&T’s interest in clean hydrogen and energy further expanded this month as the company signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with fellow South Korean Fortune Global 500 company S-OIL on Sept. 17. Aimed at jointly developing a project to produce clean hydrogen and carbon-free ammonia abroad, the MOU with S-OIL builds

Is hydrogen a clean energy solution?

As the world strives for carbon neutrality, hydrogen is earning a brighter spotlight as a growing energy source for the future. Hydrogen is odorless, invisible, and can be produced in a variety of ways without any concerns about depletion or regional differences. Hydrogen’s potential as an energy source expands to

Navigating soaring sea freight rates as a trading company

Shipping products by sea is one of the most practical logistics solutions, as sea freight can include all kinds of cargo. In addition, when carrying cargo of equal weight and transporting the same distance by sea and air, the carbon dioxide emitted by sea transport was about 44 times less than

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