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Indispensable Materials Series Part 3: How Steel Propels the World

Note: This is the latest in a series of articles on the Samsung C&T Newsroom that examines several key materials, looking at how they are being used by a variety of industries, including trading, technology and construction. Previously in the series, Samsung C&T Newsroom has looked at why copper is such a

KUHO Showcases Contemporary Korean Fashion at New York Fashion Week

Samsung C&T Fashion Group brand KUHO has launched its 2017 Spring/Summer collection at New York Fashion Week. The collection was displayed on September 14 in the ultra-trendy SoHo district, and marked the brand’s first time presenting in New York. KUHO’s head designer Hyun Jung Kim opted to convey the brand’s

What Do Harvest Festivals Mean to C&T People around the World?

Harvesting is one of the oldest activities known to mankind. In fact, many anthropologists claim it is what makes us truly human – our transition from nomadic hunter-gatherers to settled agricultural communities arguably brought about the phenomenon of civilization. Little wonder, then, that almost every culture in the world has

Samsung Fashion & Design Fund Nurturing Emerging Design Talent

For up-and-coming fashion designers, it can often be hard to catch a break in the industry, no matter how creative and talented you may be. That is why organizations such as the Samsung Fashion & Design Fund (SFDF), established as a showcase of Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s philosophy to support

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