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Hanji-Based Clothing Helps You Beat the Summer Heat

Have you ever experienced summer heat so severe it made you wish your clothes were made of something so light, it was like not wearing anything at all ? Well, the designers at Beanpole have come up with solutions designed to keep people cool during the hot summer months – and

Samsung C&T Project Sites Win Quality & Safety Awards

Samsung C&T (CEO: Chi Hun Choi) was recognized by governments and clients for its outstanding Quality & Safety performance on construction sites in Hong Kong and Singapore, said Samsung C&T on June 7, 2016. Samsung C&T’s Hong Kong metro project SCL C1109 was selected by the Hong Kong Construction Industry

Heading for Harmony: Introducing Samsung C&T’s Four Elements

Fifth-century BC physician Empodocles might not be the biggest name in philosophy, but his theory of the four Classical elements has permeated almost every aspect of modern life. His concept of a world comprising four component energies – earth, air, fire and water – has captured the imagination of poets,

Thrill-seekers Braced for Caribbean Bay’s Mega Storm Return

Caribbean Bay, Korea’s largest water park, has opened a range of exciting outdoor attractions for early summer, including the popular Mega Storm slide. Other attractions opened last month include Tower Boomerang Go and Tower Raft. This follows the opening of all of the park’s indoor facilities and some of its

Beanpole Showcases Rio 2016 Olympic Ceremony Suits

Beanpole, part of Samsung C&T’s fashion group, has unveiled the official uniforms Team Korea will sport at August’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Team Korea athletes will wear the new designs at the official opening and closing ceremonies of the much-anticipated event. The uniforms were on display at a

How Cable-stayed Bridges Are Connecting the World

On October 11 2009, the Korean city of Incheon witnessed a quite incredible sight. Some 20,000 men and women ran along the newly constructed Incheon Bridge, one of the longest cable-stayed bridges on the planet. For the runners, the event was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Before the bridge’s construction, only one

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