The Komposition: Bringing Korean home living into modern age

How can we make a home into a place that we actively want to live in? When thinking about a residential interior, it’s all in how the different parts are put together. In other words, it’s all about the composition. Or, in a Korean home, it could be “The Komposition.”

Premium apartment brand Raemian, owned by Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group, has recently unveiled an innovation in residential culture called The Komposition. Let’s see how Samsung C&T E&C has revolutionized homes to make them more livable.

Composing The Komposition

How we use our living space changes from generation to generation. Nowadays, we spend more time inside our homes than we did in the past, but we also use the space differently. While people want to spend time together, they also want their own space.

Responding to this changing need, and with a view to adding class to the convenience of the home environment, Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group has collaborated with a world leader in the furniture and design fields to attempt modern and customized interior design for the first time. And as its first attempt, Samsung C&T collaborated with Molteni&C, a high-end living brand representing Italy since 1934.

After a three-year-long process from research to commercialization, Raemian and Molteni&C have produced a new way of thinking about home interiors that they call The Komposition. In designing a motif for The Komposition, the familiar Raemian pattern of three vertical bars has been transformed, forming a basket-weave pattern. Used in a subtle, refined way, this pattern can be found repeatedly within the elements of The Komposition: in the Lounge Hub, the Kitchen Station, and the Style Closet.

The Lounge Hub

At the heart of every family home is the living room where family members gather. The starting point for this reinterpretation was the idea of creating a space where people can be together but can still focus on their own activities if they want to. The inspiration was the Korean traditional wooden furnishing called a “pyeongsang,” a low platform where members of a household can eat, sit and talk, or lie down and relax.

By combining the pyeongsang concept with the attention to detail and modular composition that are the strengths of Molteni&C, the design for the Lounge Hub was created, turning the living room into a multi-function hub where family members can do several activities at once. The central pyeongsang-inspired sofa can be moved and reconfigured to suit taste and purpose and has storage spaces under flap doors and inside drawers.

Kitchen Station

The centerpiece of the The Komposition kitchen is the island that serves as both a countertop and a dining table. Beautifully constructed using marble quarried in Italy, the colorful swirls of this island add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. Beneath the island are draws and storage shelves, and also space for stools to be stowed.

The craftsmanship and skill of Molteni&C can be seen in the edges and surfaces, while the reinterpreted Raemian pattern can be found inside the cutlery drawers. Height and color variations are available, according to the needs of the residents.

Style Closet

Many homes do not have adequate storage space for clothing or a suitable area to call a dressing room. Raemian and Molteni&C put their heads together and came up with an elegant and practical solution: the Style Closet. Without requiring additional structural work, the Style Closet can be constructed out of furniture alone and can be installed according to the needs of the resident and the structure of the room.

Modular like the Lounge Hub sofa, with a range of wardrobe and vanity units to put together, the Style Closet minimizes wasted space and maximizes storage possibilities. And because the modules have doors that open on both sides, the options for convenient use are almost endless.

Art Exhibition: Greta Frieden

Linked to the launch of The Komposition, a special art exhibition is open until the end of June at Raemian Gallery in Songpa district, in Seoul’s southwest. This exhibition, created together by Raemian, Molteni&C, and artist Greta Frieden, captured the preciousness of our ordinary daily lives and the specialness of each moment.

Through these pictures and episodes, the exhibition aims to share empathy with customers about ordinary daily life, while naturally conveying the background, history, and unique features of the furniture.

Frieden’s works are filled with color, energy, and vitality, and the people she depicts range in age from under 10 to over 70. Some of her paintings feature the Lounge Hub, Kitchen Station, and Style Closet from The Komposition.

Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group will not stop with The Komposition. Just as lifestyles continue to evolve, the Group will continue to study and learn in order to make better home interior products that make our homes more comfortable, convenient, and elegant.

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