From minimalism to essentialism and officecore: What you need to know about spring/summer trends this year

With the arrival of spring, we fold away our winter armor and look for something seasonally appropriate to wear. It’s time to celebrate the warmer seasons of spring and summer by checking out the latest hot trends in womenswear. There is something available for a variety of tastes, from conservative but stylish to bold and unconventional.



In July last year we presented an article featuring some of the “-core” trends that were hot then. Now there is “officecore,” which can be defined as dressing for work in an office, but with a feeling of freedom or an added touch of comfort. Officecore is trending as a hot hashtag on TikTok and other social media platforms, as well chosen by Hailey Bieber for her Valentine’s Day outfit. Officecore eschews stuffy formality to create a freer atmosphere, so look for oversize jackets and romantic touches like silk, chiffon, and lace. 

Practical and minimal

First popular in the 1990s, minimalism is back but with its own modern code and style. Minimalism in clothing doesn’t mean wearing less. Rather, it means an emphasis on simplicity and practicality. This year’s minimalist garments feature a relaxed fit, clean lines, and long garments without frills or excessive fanciness. Ideal for wearing to a business meeting but comfortable enough to go out for dinner afterwards, these minimal looks suggest seriousness with style.

Timeless neutral colors

Many women opt for light, neutral colors like cream, ivory, gray, beige, and camel in springtime. These shades never go out of style and are easy to mix and match or even to pair with brighter colors. For example, cream and beige or ivory and cream can be layered together to create a tone-on-tone effect. The color “ecru,” inspired by the sails of old sailing ships, is another neutral tone that is in vogue. Don’t forget that blue and navy look good paired with neutral shades, so you will often see them together.

Essentially essentialism

Inspired by the natural colors, curves and lines of trees, rocks, and the sea, premium Korean lifestyle brand LEBEIGE has created a spring/summer collection that gives a modern interpretation to traditional Korean craft techniques like weaving and embroidery. The concept for LEBEIGE this season is “essentialism” — bringing the Korean aesthetic back to the essential values of restraint and practicality. White, navy, ash, brown, and red are the colors used, combined with premium quality cotton and silk in a range of garments from a zip-up dress, through Bermuda pants and a pullover to a trench coat and volume skirt.

Casually speaking

The trend of wearing clothing that resembles blue-collar workwear as a casual style is stronger than ever this spring/summer season. Work jackets and hunting jackets are popular, especially those with practical flap pockets and drawstrings. Stitched-on lettering or embroidery highlights are also proving to be a big hit. The best and most favored casual items with a practical touch are those made from cotton or denim, and naturally faded color adds a touch of realism to the look.

Whether you are dressing for the office, to hang out spending a casual day outdoors, or for a night out, find the colors, lines and garment cuts that suit you and your own personal style this spring and summer.

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