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Samsung C&T Announces New Leadership

Samsung C&T announced today new leadership for three of the Company’s core businesses. Executive vice presidents Young Ho Lee and Jung Suk Koh have been promoted to presidents and named the heads of the E&C and the T&I Groups, respectively. Executive vice president Keum Yong Chung was appointed as the

Samsung C&T Announces Enhanced Dividend Policy for 2017-2019

The Board of Directors of Samsung C&T Corporation approved the Company’s three year dividend policy for 2017-2019, which includes a significant increase in annual dividend payments. – Samsung C&T announced for the first time a three year dividend policy to provide investors with greater predictability on their returns; – Under

2017 Year in Review: Samsung C&T’s Most Memorable Moments

How was the past year? That’s the question many of us will ask ourselves as 2017 comes to a close. Samsung C&T has brought meaningful changes to hundreds of thousands of people around the world over the past 12 months. From innovative construction projects to cutting-edge entertainment, our business network

How Samsung C&T is Harnessing the Potential of Renewable Energy

The continued rise of urbanization, industrialization and mass consumption, coupled with a steadily increasing population, has created an insatiable demand for energy. Unfortunately, many traditional energy production techniques are quite labor intensive and pose risks to the earth’s environment. Therefore, many countries are now following a new trend with their energy production

Adding Value to Life with Art Outside the Gallery

Art is sometimes underappreciated and its benefits to society can go unnoticed. Art is language agnostic, meaning you don’t need language to understand its genius. Art can make you laugh, contemplate, or simply bring you joy for reasons unknown. Importantly, art is also something that stretches far beyond the confines

Looking Back on 2016: Samsung C&T’s Year in Review

As the new year begins, Samsung C&T reflects back on some of the accomplishments it made in 2016. With approximately120 branches in 50 countries, Samsung C&T has been a part of several projects with global influence throughout the past few decades. Here, we will explore noteworthy highlights that made 2016

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