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Looking Back on 2016: Samsung C&T’s Year in Review

As the new year begins, Samsung C&T reflects back on some of the accomplishments it made in 2016. With approximately120 branches in 50 countries, Samsung C&T has been a part of several projects with global influence throughout the past few decades. Here, we will explore noteworthy highlights that made 2016

Samsung C&T Celebrates the Year’s End with Warm Hearts

For Samsung C&T, the end of the year is a special time to reconnect with the community. After an eventful year filled with groundbreaking projects, new collaborations and numerous awards, Samsung C&T came together to make valuable contributions to local communities, ensuring plenty of hope and support to ring in

Samsung C&T Honored at CDP’s Carbon Management Hall of Fame

Samsung C&T has become only the third Korean company to win admission to the CDP’s prestigious carbon management Hall of Fame, scoring top marks for climate change response leadership for five years straight. The award is handed out by the CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, a NGO headquartered in

What Do Harvest Festivals Mean to C&T People around the World?

Harvesting is one of the oldest activities known to mankind. In fact, many anthropologists claim it is what makes us truly human – our transition from nomadic hunter-gatherers to settled agricultural communities arguably brought about the phenomenon of civilization. Little wonder, then, that almost every culture in the world has

Samsung Welstory to Launch China-based Food Distribution Network

Samsung Welstory (President & CEO Bong-Yung Kim) has signed an agreement that will see it establish a food distribution joint venture operation with Kokubu, Japan’s largest food distributor, as well as Chinese agriculture company Yinlong Agriculture Development (Yinlong Agriculture). Samsung Welstory, Kokubu and Yinlong Agriculture will hold 70 percent, 17.5

Heading for Harmony: Introducing Samsung C&T’s Four Elements

Fifth-century BC physician Empodocles might not be the biggest name in philosophy, but his theory of the four Classical elements has permeated almost every aspect of modern life. His concept of a world comprising four component energies – earth, air, fire and water – has captured the imagination of poets,

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