Urban Chic, Antique Inspiration: KUHO S/S ’19 Collection

On September 8th, womenswear brand KUHO held its latest collection presentation for S/S ’19 during New York Fashion Week. The brand has presented its seasonal collections to style-savvy New York audiences since S/S ’17, and this latest collection, themed ‘Palimpsest’, once again drew acclaim and attention from a wealth of international buyers and members of the fashion elite alike.

Ancient Inspirations, Modern Flair

Models showcase the KUHO S/S ’19 collection

KUHO’s September 8th showcase presented the brand’s latest concept, ‘Palimpsest’, to assembled buyers and members of the press. A palimpsest is a piece of writing paper on which the original text has been effaced and then written over – yet on which marks of the original script remain. The resulting manuscripts, as found and amended throughout history, become something reused and altered that still bear visible traces of their earlier form. This timeworn concept inspired the KUHO designers, with the layering of text and pictures creating something beautiful, and often complex.

Following this, the main motif of KUHO’s latest collection was the layering of items over one another, garnering a stratified effect reminiscent of how the accumulation of penmanship on ancient manuscripts forms a palimpsest. The presentation featured a variety of crisp, layered looks, with blouses, skirts and trousers paired with trench coats, dresses and knitwear items.

Models present the S/S ’19 collection, with linen fabrics and feathery edges evoking the contours of ancient manuscripts

As a nod to the manuscript origins of the ‘palimpsest’ theme, the designs heavily feature pale, clean cuts of fabric, a special linen with a powdery feel to it to evoke the years of dust that accumulate on ancient texts. Exaggerated fringes and raw edge details also provide a dynamic and tactile reworking of the tattered edges of old parchment in the latest pieces.

Urban Chic

Models wait for their turn to walk on the terrace of the Standard Hotel, Manhattan

KUHO’s S/S ’19 presentation was held on the terrace of the trendy Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District of global fashion city New York. With views of the lively city providing the backdrop for the models sporting the collection, the choice of location served as the perfect complement to KUHO’s overarching brand identity – urban chic.

Make-up, hair and clothes stylists make final touches to the models ahead of the S/S ’19 presentation

KUHO, which launched in 1997, has carved a name for itself in the global womenswear market with its signature minimal contemporary style. Following the S/S ’19 presentation, a photoshoot ensued to capture the chic designs up against the New York skyline, a testament to the urban nature of this latest collection.

Models present the chic, fluid looks of the S/S ’19 ‘Palimpsest’ collection

This latest collection incorporated the brand’s trademark minimalist style in its silhouette designs, with an assortment of simple fitted and oversized cuts. The color palette of the collection was kept limited, true to minimalist chic traditions, but varied, with neutral palimpsest-inspired fabrics providing a dynamic contrast to the richer, darker tones of other fluid pieces on display.

Championing Overseas Business

Attendees to the KUHO S/S ’19 presentation take in the collection

Over 300 people attended KUHO’s terrace showcase, with buyers from major US department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Macy’s present. A variety of online mall buyers were also in attendance to take in the brand’s latest collection. Since their first American presentation for S/S ’17, KUHO has seen an international growth rate of 70% – which is showing no signs of stopping.  At this latest presentation, big buyers from Canada and Russia, Holt Renfrew and Khameleon respectively, were found mingling with the fashionable crowd and KUHO team members alike.

Much like their previous Fashion Week shows, the S/S ’19 presentation is opening up even more new markets for the brand. After the collection presentation, KUHO opened a showroom for buyers in New York, and following the brand’s hop over the Atlantic Ocean for Paris Fashion Week, will hold one in Paris for European buyers.

Chief designer Hyung-jung Kim speaks to a member of the press following the S/S ’19 presentation

Despite this impressive global presence, KUHO has no plans to slow down its notable international expansion. “KUHO is expanding its global business, focusing on such power items as coats, pants and knit items, as well as our already strong brand identity,” says Jina Park, Team Head at KUHO. “We are seeing fresh interest from North America, Europe and Asia, and a growing number of buyers who are confident in KUHO’s growth and longevity each season.”

Stylist Tom van Dorpe (right) consults with the KUHO team on the models’ looks behind the scenes of the S/S ’19 presentation

Those present at the KUHO S/S ’19 presentation in Manhattan hailed it as the brand’s best show yet, affirming the brand’s potential to succeed not only in the New York scene, but also in the global market at large.

The KUHO showroom is open to buyers in New York from September 8th to 20th, and in Paris from September 30th to October 4th.

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