The endless curiosity of Juun.J’s new flagship store

It has been a glittering journey for Juun.J: from stunning Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2007 with its reinvention of traditional attire to earning global acclaim when successfully wrapping up its 13th Paris collection in 2013 and also developing a widespread celebrity fandom. Juun.J was worn by pop sensation BTS during their recent Saturday Night Live appearance and enjoys support from the likes of fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld and trend leader Kanye West.

This is a label that not only represents Korea but has proved itself in the international fashion industry, having been chosen as a guest designer for Pitti Uomo and regular member of the Federation Francaise de la Couture. It is a brand that has enjoyed a series of hit items, from over-sized trench coats that were so successful at its debut runway show to neoprene sweatshirts that have lately become an “it” item among hot male fashionistas.

Juun.J Dosan may wear the brand’s signature black, but it also demonstrates bright flashes.

And now, after 13 years in business, Juun.J has its first-ever global flagship store to call home. Launched in Seoul’s Gangnam district this month, the store itself is a striking addition to the hyper-trendy Dosan Park neighborhood in the southern Gangnam district of Seoul. It is also highly characteristic of Juun.J – a charcoal black geometric structure rising into a triangular silhouette against the sky.

Dark matter

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For Juun.J’s creative director Jung Wook-jun, the building’s structure reflects the beauty of shadows as well as the brand’s philosophy.

“Black symbolizes Juun.J, and shadows are also black,” Jung explains. “The Juun.J Dosan flagship store takes the form of shadows and is similar to Juun.J in that they both provoke endless curiosity.”

Designed under the theme “dark matter,” the store certainly does continue to unveil various curiosities as one enters its courtyard garden and is greeted by a floating tree suspended above volcanic rocks. The first floor also hosts Felt Coffee, a specialty café serving drinks and desserts in the same stylish surroundings as the rest of the premises.

The first floor’s central aisle features an array of trench coats along with Juun.J womenswear that has been part of the brand’s lineup since 2017.

“I consider this store to be Juun.J’s house and I want to invite many people to it,” Jung says.

From Paris to Dosan Park

Juun.J Dosan’s interior is a one-stop show of the brand’s evolution over more than a decade, offering historic menswear and womenswear with color reinterpretation, custom ordering services, and limited-edition collaborations – including a current collaboration with Italian sportswear brand Kappa.

Footwear for the discerning urbanite

It has been a glittering journey for Juun.J: from the brand’s reinvention of traditional attire that won acclaim at Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2007, to being chosen as a guest designer for Pitti Uomo, to being worn by pop sensation BTS during their recent Saturday Night Live appearance.

Juun.J introduced womenswear in 2017, gaining the admiration of more celebrity fans like Rihanna and CL. Juun.J Dosan’s first floor is partly dedicated to its women’s collection, while also featuring “reARCHIVE,” an exhibition of trench coats – which is the brand’s representative item that drew so much attention all those years ago in Paris – with a custom ordering service.

Global superstars BTS wore Juun.J footwear in a recent U.S. television performance.

In celebration of this story, Juun.J has launched t-shirts designed with the typography of the themes of its entire collection. They are available exclusively at Juun.J Dosan for KRW190,000.

Juun.J’s products are available at 100 stores in 24 countries. Visit Juun.J online here.

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